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Ireland’s Spectacular National Parks

Ireland is well-known for its stunning natural grounds and the most beautiful landscapes. However, instead of blindly aiming to find the most striking sceneries, we suggest whipping up a clear plan of some of the best sites here! And there is absolutely no better way to enjoy Ireland’s natural beauty than by visiting its most prominent National Parks. So, let’s look through the most spectacular National Parks of the Emerald Isle!

Killarney National Park, Kerry

The highlight of any top-rated tours to Ireland, Killarney ranks very high among the most visited destinations in the country!

Deemed one of the best National Parks in the world, it has everything you could ever want from a protected natural area. Containing many essential features of national and international importance, Killarney National Park surrounds the highest mountain range in Ireland and allows you insight into the most exclusive wildlife and greenery.

National ParkAside from all the natural grounds, Killarney National Park is also known for its medieval castles, elaborate mansions, and, of course, wildlife! If you are lucky, you might just see the mighty Red Deer, the Sika Deer, the charming little Red Fox, and others!

See endless miles of forests, lakes, woods, and waterfalls all in one place! Killarney is a must!

Connemara National Park, Galway

Located in the West of Ireland, County Galway, Connemara is one of the country’s most colorful and aesthetically-pleasing natural lands.

The rugged terrain is as impressive as in Killarney, but Connemara has more of a softer side to its scenery. Take a hike and see striking mountainous areas, bogs, heaths, woodlands, and grasslands. Connemara is actually great for long walks and exploration. And if you still doubt its magical appearance, just know that there are actual ponies living here!

You should also visit the town of Letterfrack, a stunning 19th-century village which you would have to pass to reach Connemara, anyway. Make sure to book Ireland train tickets for easy navigation between the parks and such lovely places as Letterfrack!

Wicklow Mountains National Park, Wicklow

Third on the list of the most spectacular Ireland National Parks is the famous Wicklow Mountains National Park!

Situated just south of Dublin, Wicklow wins the race against others as the largest National Park in Ireland. Undying lands of rounded mountain peaks and deep valleys are only a few of the beautiful aspects of Wicklow. With its vast biodiversity and open spaces, the park is perfect if you would like to spend a whole day outdoors. You can hike or even mountain-climb, go bird-watching, or hunt for the most scenic, remote spots!

Possibly the most famous space here in Wicklow is the grand Glendalough Valley! With spectacular scenery, rich wildlife, and even historical background, Glendalough is constantly squirming with visitors trying to catch a glimpse of this unchained wilderness. See the famous Monastic sites to satisfy the history buff inside, or explore the Upper and Lower Lakes for the most picturesque views!

Glenveagh National Park, Donegal

Let’s continue our journey through the most gorgeous part of unspoiled Ireland with the striking Glenveagh National Park in County Donegal.

With nearly 17 thousand hectares of land, Glenveagh is dominated by lakes, mountains, and waterfalls, creating the picture-perfect fairytale scenery. There are also miles and miles of native oak woodlands, which you can explore on one of your many hikes and walks through Glenveagh.

Once you reach the central part, take out your camera. There stands the gorgeous Glenveagh Castle, a 19th-century castellated mansion. Not only is it a magnificent place to take a walk and admire the exterior, but you can also see the inside audio and visual tours explaining more about its origins and relations to its natural surroundings.

Burren National Park, Clare

Last but not least, let’s see what the special Burren National Park in County Clare can offer to curious travelers!

Arguably, the most unique of all, Burren National Park is one of the stunning landscapes, so utterly different from the other four. This rocky region of barren grey limestone was most likely forced underneath the seas millions of years ago and then eventually pushed up to the surface.

Even being very small, times and times smaller than the others, Burren has a great deal to offer! Enjoy the lakes, cliffs, valleys, meadows, and even some historical sites. These include several ancient monuments, such as Poulnabrone Dolmen, a legendary portal tomb shrouded in stories and mystery.

Poulnabrone Dolmen in Burren

Enjoy the most spectacular natural grounds and protected areas of Ireland! Make sure you take your time exploring and be thorough with what you see. If you are hiking through, pack lightly, and do not forget your camera! Have the best time and good luck!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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