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Top 8 Tips for Maintaining the Safety of Your Garage Door

According to a survey, 60 percent of American households have a garage. When garage doors are functioning well, they can be an extra comfort. But some defects can cause accidents and even fatalities. According to the survey, around 300,00 injuries every year transpire due to garage door malfunctions. Here are eight tips from christian garage door door you should consider for the safety of everyone in your family.

Spend Some Time to Understand Garage Door Features

Your garage door has safety features to avoid injuries and accidents. They may change according to the manufacturer and models. But some safety features like the photo-eye sensors have been there for garage door openers for many years. But to utilize safety features, you have to understand how to use them when there are garage door emergencies. One of the most significant functions is mechanical release. It detaches the garage door when the photo-eye sensors and auto-reverse do not work.

By understanding these safety features, you will not have to rush looking for the manufacturer’s manual in an emergency. And you will have to learn how it works for routine examination of different mechanisms.

Watch the Garage Door Opener Closely

The garage door opener to your electric garage door can be unsafe with your kids. Children can be nosy, and they might play with the remote. Always keep an eye on the remote where the kids cannot get hold of it.

According to some doctors, the garage door is one of the home appliances accountable for 50,000 accidents to young people. Never small kids play with the remotes- even if you allow them to hold them.

Consider keeping the garage door opener secure in the car away from the reach of children. If you let them have and play with it, they may feel tempted to use the remote when you are not home.

Check the Auto-Reverse Feature

An auto-reverse mechanism has been a safety feature on every garage door model for many years. It stops the garage door from smashing anything or anyone caught its way. If it notices even the tiniest resistance, it will reverse automatically.

At Family Christian Doors, we advise our Keller customers to check the auto-reverse safety feature. Luckily, the method is as simple as putting a paper roll or towel on the ground under the garage door. The garage door should auto-reverse when it hits the object.

If your door does not pass the auto-reverse test, you want to contact our expert garage door specialist for troubleshooting. A defective auto-reverse can be dangerous. It is also suggestive of disengaging the garage door until the fixes are complete.

Tighten Garage Door Hardware and Clear Garage Door Tracks

Eliminate the debris and rust from the garage door tracks on either side of the garage door. Examine brackets holding the garage door tracks to the wall and ceiling, plus secure the fasteners of the garage door opener system. Garage door vibration can slacken hardware, so utilize a socket wrench to tighten the slack bolts. With garage doors, never touch the parts which need special equipment. Some clients play with the bolts and nuts of the garage door. Some of them end up having injuries.


Keep garage door rollers and other moving components lubricated, which decreases strain on garage door openers and rollers. Apply spray lubricant twice a year on the hinges and rollers, and remove the excess spray lubricant. The WD-40 breaks down the glop and avoids corrosion and rust.

Change Weatherstripping

The rubber weatherstripping keeps the water, debris, and cold out. Sold at big-box and hardware improvement stores, it has a steel flange that slides into a groove. Experts usually nail weatherstripping for wooden garage doors in place. If the bottom part is broken, change it. Reconnect loose weatherstripping along with the door, or replace the weatherstripping if badly damaged or torn.

Tidy up and Paint

Preserve and protect your garage door, which sometimes takes a beating from the heat and extreme weather. Prime, sand, and paint rust marks on steel garage doors. Clean fiberglass garage doors using an all-purpose cleaner. For a wooden garage door subject to water damage and warping, eliminate the peeling and chipped paint before sanding and painting.

Schedule Your Annual Garage Door Maintenance with Family Christin Doors

Your garage door has many delicate parts that must function smoothly for maximum efficiency and security. But as with other units, it can suffer from malfunctioning and deteriorating parts.

Contemporary garage door brands and models have many features to optimize convenience and safety. But these modern features make it even more complex to repair. An annual visual checkup is what we recommend. Yet, always leave the fixes to a professional garage door technician. It is also intelligent to observe yearly maintenance. You may feel tempted to do it at least twice a year, but you risk canceling your warranty. You can verify the terms of your warranty from your manufacturer. The terms and conditions may differ according to brand or model.

Annual maintenance by professional technicians is the most excellent way to avoid injuries and accidents in your home. An expert can find the problems that could harm someone in your house later. With annual maintenance, you will feel at ease when using your garage door.

Family Christian Doors is a company that you can depend on and trust. With our professional garage door technicians, we provide excellent garage door services. We repair, install, replace, and maintain your garage doors. Call us now to see the changes in your garage door.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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