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What to Check Before Buying Boat Parade Flags?

Boat parade flags are a fun and exciting way to show pride for your hometown, business, or anything else. Boat parade flags are typically flown on boats during parades, sporting events, and special occasions.

Nowadays the Trump no more bullshit flags are available worldwide. They are displayed on yachts in boat races and cruise ships.

However, there are many aspects to ensure before purchasing them. Here are the top features to check before buying boat parade flags.

Size and Quality

Before you buy a boat parade flag, we recommend checking the size of the flag’s mast sleeve to ensure it will fit your flagpole. The height of most average-sized boat parade flags is six feet tall with a base about one foot in length.


Boat parade flags are typically made from either nylon or polyester, the best material for outdoor use, and last a long time in even harsh weather. Nylon is a thicker material that works best for a raised position, while polyester is a thin material that hangs nicely in the wind.

Different materials include:

  • Nylon: typically used for boat parade flags, nylon is a heavy-duty material that holds up well in the elements.
  • Polyester: thin material by nature, this choice works perfectly for hanging outside or on an enclosed flagpole.


To prevent fraying of the sides, boat parade flags are hemmed around the sleeve with heavy-duty stitching. If you are hanging your boat parade flag on a raised flagpole, be sure that it is made from nylon or another material that does not droop in the wind.

You must choose a raised position if your flagpole is visible to the public and not enclosed.

Printing and Embroidery

These days for boat parades, Trump no more bullshit flags can come with various printing styles such as screen printed or digitally embroidered designs. Screen printing is widely used because it provides you with 11 vibrant colors. The flag can be printed on both sides, allowing for large detailed images.

Digital embroidery is used more often than screen printing for small logos and symbols, which allows you to print up to six colors. Instead of using ink, this style involves using heat, which is applied through needles or pins.

Heat transfers are designed with minor detail than screen-printed flags but can still include six colors.

The Flagpole

Remember that there are specific rules you must follow to fly political flags in the US. The mast sleeve of the flag should fit your flagpole snugly to prevent the flag from falling or blowing away.

Most boat parade flags are designed on 3-foot poles, typical for many boats and yachts. Be sure to check the flag’s mast sleeve size before buying a boat parade flag.


Buying a boat parade flag for your yacht is an exciting way to show pride in your city, business, or sports team. By following proper guidelines, you will be able to find the perfect match for you!

Boat parade flags are a fun way to show support for your favorite team or city. When creating your perfect flag, keep these tips in mind.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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