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Everything You Should Know About Weed Pipes

Only a smoke enthusiast knows the sheer pleasure of puffing through a glass pipe. Just the process of packing the weed in the bowl, giving it a few initial draws, and finally, sitting down to a leisurely smoking session is uplifting.

Studies have convincingly established the numerous benefits of this herb, including fighting depression, losing weight, improving lung capacity, and fighting chronic pain. However, if you are new to the entire smoking process, you should know what a weed pipe is, how it works, things to check while buying it, and other essential information.

What is a weed pipe?

A weed pipe is a billiard-shaped device used for smoking tobacco or flowers that you can purchase from dispensaries or online stores. Because of their small size, they sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. However, unlike regular pipes, these have a small opening in the bottom that allows smoke to pass through easily. The weed is placed in the bowl area. Another hole found on the side and called a carb enables you to regulate the airflow while smoking.

Types of pipes

Apart from traditional pipes, other types are also extremely popular with smokers. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. Sherlock-style pipes

The Sherlock-style pipe is named after the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes. The pipe has a bowl at one end with an upward curved mouthpiece. The arch design lets the smoke cool for a while before the smoker inhales it. Even though they are primarily used for tobacco, they have become a hit with herb smokers.

2. Colour changing pipes

If you want to enhance the fun element of your smoking sessions, buying color-changing pipes is the way to do it. It is fascinating that even though many people believe it changes color, it is merely an illusion. When these pipes are created, they are fumed with a thin metal layer like gold or silver and cannot be seen by the naked eye. When you smoke them, the resin is generated, which hinders the ability of the light to pass through the fumed gold and silver. Instead, light is refracted since resin refracts light in the same manner as crystals, which gives the illusion of the pipe changing colors.

3. Themed pipes

Themed pipes contain a theme of your choice, ranging from favorite fruit, cartoon character, animal, vegetable, fruit, snack, album, or movie character. You can also gift these to smoke lovers on birthdays or other special occasions.

4. Chillums

Ardent smokers also prefer the chillums for a variety of reasons. A chillum is a miniature cylindrical-shaped device consisting of a narrow opening on one end and a broad space on the other. It is believed that people used materials like bamboo and wood to make the first chillums. It is also known as a one-hitter and chillum pipe. You can use these to smoke tobacco or any other herb that gets you going. Perhaps the only drawback to using them is that you can pack a small quantity of herb because of its small size. The overall experience that you get with a chillum is undoubtedly more intense than that with a handheld glass pipe since there is no carb hole to regulate the airflow while smoking.

How are Pipes Made?

The type of glass used to make pipes differs from those used in windows, drinking glasses, and other similar materials. They are usually made from a scientific, lab-quality glass called borosilicate, which is meant to withstand high temperatures and handle various tobacco products. Because it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, it is less liable to cracking than standard glass. Wherever you buy a pipe for smoking weed, you should always check if the words “borosilicate” and “lab-quality” are mentioned in the product description.

How to clean a weed pipe?

There are two ways of cleaning your glass pipes. The first is through a solution of white vinegar and baking soda. Both are safe and natural ingredients that you will find in almost all stores. While the vinegar will help you remove the resin and wax, the baking soda will act as a water softener. Carbon dioxide is released when the two are mixed, which cleans the device perfectly. The other method is using an isopropyl alcohol solution along with salt. Isopropyl can be bought at any pharmacy or supermarket and, when used along with iodine-free table salt, easily removes the tar and any other similar buildup. To ensure optimum safety, you should observe extreme precautions while cleaning your pipe this way and not lighting it immediately after washing it.

The best way of buying pipes

It is much better to purchase your glass pipes online. Here are several reasons to shop pipes online.

It is convenient

The first and obvious one is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You are saved from the hassle of driving to a smoke shop or sending a mail catalog to receive the product.

You can browse varieties of pipes

The second reason is the option of browsing through the various types of available pipes based on their colors, designs, length, material, description, and even customer reviews. You can compare the prices and features of the different products before purchasing. Most of them are available for as low as 9.99 USD$ or as high as 74.99 USD$.

Efficient shipping service

Some online stores also offer a free first class shipping service on all orders, without any related terms and conditions. You could even place a request for an overnight shipping option at an extra charge if they have that option. They also make sure to deliver your product with the utmost safety and security. Before you place your order, it is advisable to read the returns or cancellations policy, refund process and how it is calculated, and the material used to pack the items. Reliable stores will usually use bubble wrap, as it is shock absorbent and abrasion-resistant.

Buying a weed pipe is a memorable experience and should be a smooth process as well. Purchasing it from an online store is the best way to do that. But before indulging, give considerable attention to the details mentioned above.

You’ll also need a nice grinder. The best weed grinders are those from a single piece of machined aluminum. A good grinder should be easy to turn but stays tightly shut when you are using it.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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