The Ultimate Guide for the Best Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic screen doors are a standard feature in most households. Particularly if you live in a humid or tropical region. They are constructed of a high-quality mesh that allows air to circulate while keeping bugs and other pesky critters out.

However, there is one minor catch though. Choosing the best magnetic screen door for your needs is not a simple feat. With so many choices available, you’re sure to become overwhelmed. Consider the following factors while shopping for the best magnetic screen door.


The first step in determining which magnetic screen door is best for you is to find a door that suits your doorway. Like all other types of doors and windows, Magnetic screen doors require exact measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Measuring from the left side of the doorframe to the right side will give you the doorway’s width, while measuring its height will give you its width and height, respectively. To determine the best magnetic mesh door for your home, compare the length-by-width dimension to the sizes of standard screen doors.

Some models only come in one size, but others, such as the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door – Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets – Keeps Nature Out, are available in various lengths and widths. If your door is between normal sizes, a larger model may be able to be adjusted to fit.


You must select a material that is temperature resistant, sturdy and allows plenty of fresh air to circulate in. The retractable mesh on magnetic screen doors is typically made of fiberglass or polyester. Other often-used materials are:

  • Metal door frames
  • Wood doorframes
  • ABS plastic

Do you have a single or double door?

Magnetic screen doors are available in both single and double-door configurations; therefore, before investing, be sure to identify which type of doorway opening you have. As a result of their smaller size and lower cost, single-door magnetic screens are less expensive than their double-door counterparts.

Magnetic screens for double doors are designed to cover double-door apertures. Door widths for magnetic screen doors range from 60 to 80 inches, so the mesh screen covers the whole opening.


If the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer are followed, magnetic screen doors are usually very simple to install. But how easy is it to install the model that you settled on? Although well-made models last for many years when properly installed, they can be viewed as temporary screen doors since they can be easily removed.

A strong adhesive, finishing nails, or pushpins are required to attach magnetic screen doors to the door frame. The installation fasteners you can use will be limited by the frame’s construction type (metal, wood, etc.).

Check that the magnets at the ends of each screen are linked together after the magnetic screen door has been installed.

Look for added features

Magnetic screen doors can be equipped with a variety of additional features that make them more convenient to operate, such as full-strip magnets, pet doors, and side snaps to keep the doors open when closed.


With a magnetic screen door, you can keep bugs out of your home, cottage, or trailer while still allowing light and air to circulate. Your search for the best screen door should not be a stressful process. Look for stores that specialize in magnetic screen doors, such as Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door, to meet all of your requirements.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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