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Top Six Benefits of Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning is an educational approach to motivate learners by using game design and elements in learning. It has shown results of increasing engagement and interaction.

Many of the leading Learning Management Systems like Absorb LMS offer gamification features like badge customization, leaderboards, levels, points, and rewards which allow organizations to create a fun and engaging learning experience. Thanks to the benefits of eLearning, many learners will be able to find inspiration and excitement to learn. Employees who benefit from training will be useful for the growth of the company as he/she could apply all the knowledge.

Although gamification provides all these benefits, a lot of organizations still don’t choose gamification as a feasible option owing to the great expense in terms of both money and time involved in developing it. So, we have decided to walk you through some amazing benefits of eLearning and why you should incorporate it in your employee training.

1. Great learning experience

One of the biggest benefits of gamification is providing a great learning experience to the learners. Because most people are familiar with the game environment processes and technology, it becomes easy to become involved in the learning process. Gamification features are easy to navigate and thus significantly reduce the learning curve.

Due to the current situation, many employees are working from home which leads to less human interactions and engagement. But with the help of gamification features, learners can gain real-life experiences and problem-solving skills from the comfort of their own homes.

2. Boosts motivation

Boosting motivation is another big factor in leveraging gamification. It can turn any mundane task interesting and exciting. Levels and leaderboards motivate competitive learners to rank better on and, simultaneously, master their skills. Extra points and badges they get because of their performances push them to score more than their peers. It creates a healthy and fun competition.

3. Better knowledge retention

If the learners are interested in investing their time in learning, they can concentrate more and retain what they read. So, organizations need to adopt a training method that engages their learners. Gamification features like leaderboards, badges, and contests drive retention because learners enjoy the experience. So, it becomes more memorable and important to them.

4. Instant feedback

It provides instant feedback which helps learners understand their strengths and weaknesses. Below-par performance leads to lesser points and badges. So, it encourages the learners to perform better by highlighting the areas of improvement.

5. It allows you to track progress

Whether it’s a progress bar that can be placed at the screen top, or a few levels yet to be conquered, it’s not challenging for the learners to orient themselves in a game. Through points, badges, and progress bars, learners could easily estimate their progress.

6. Impacts work culture

Gamification makes learning more fun and engaging. So, they are willing to take on responsibilities and tasks as they no longer seem boring to them. Gamified practices not only make them enjoy learning but make them involved in other tasks too. Thus, we can say that gamification can significantly improve the atmosphere and work culture of your organization.


Gamification is a good way to engage your learners and keep it more fun and interactive. It would be beneficial for all the concerned parties, be it trainers, learners, or the organization. Hope all the above-listed reasons helped you in understanding why you should incorporate gamification into your employee training.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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