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Don’t Overspend on Tires, Follow These Tips To Get a Great Deal

When the seasons change and you’re looking forward to a summer road trip, that’s an excellent time to inspect your vehicle’s tires. Over time the tread wears down, and the tires lose traction on the road. Low tread can cause spin-outs, fishtailing, and even cause a tire to blow out. If you need to replace the tires, here are some ideas to help you get an exceptional deal on this vital investment.

Buy New Tires Online

Yes, just about anything can be purchased on the internet, including new tires. Many online-only stores offer tires for a discounted price. The websites are often searchable by the year, make and model of your car, so you can browse tires that fit your vehicle. Keep in mind that online stores charge tax and shipping, and you need to pay a local company to install the tires, which increases the total out-of-pocket expense.

Look for Tires That Include Road Hazard Protection

If you prefer to buy tires at a local store, know that almost all tires come with a warranty to cover any problems due to manufacturing defects. However, some companies also offer road hazard coverage. This additional protection provides you with service if you:

  • Drive over construction debris
  • Roll over broken glass and plastic after a collision
  • Get a nail in the tire
  • Run into a large pothole

Some plans cover a portion or all of the cost to tow your car to the nearest tire shop, may include the cost of fixing a flat, and might even give you a new tire for free. This service is especially nice because changing a flat tire on the side of the road is not only dangerous but is something many people don’t know how to do. With this plan, you leave the hard work to the professionals. Often the tires that include this coverage are not priced much differently than others that don’t, making road hazard a worthwhile bonus.

Price Match Competitors

When shopping at a local tire store, if their prices are higher than a competitor’s, ask them to price match. Many companies are willing to cut their fees if it means gaining a long-term customer. Some companies can match online prices for specific tires, while others may be willing to replicate a local competitor’s current sales. 

Ask for Additional Freebies

If your local shop doesn’t price match, you can also ask about additional services that may be included or offered for a nominal fee. Many places have package deals that may consist of lifetime balancing and rotation, free oil changes, or free flat repair for the tire’s life. These services cost quite a bit of money over time, and though they don’t save you cash on the day of purchase, they do keep it in your pocket in the future. 

When it’s time to buy new tires for your vehicle, keep in mind that there are many ways to get a good deal. Some options to consider are buying tires online, price matching at your local shop, and looking for free road hazard coverage or additional services to make the purchase worth your money. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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