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Dota 2 vs League of Legends – MOBA Battle

MOBA games are literally the reason why many of us got into the whole multiplayer team-based gaming in the first place and it’s been decades and these games still seem to be as popular and addicting as ever before!

And when we actually dive deeper into MOBA games, there are two titles that’ve been ruling this genre for as long as I can remember, League of Legends and Dota 2. Both of these titles have amassed millions of players over the years even in 2021, they seem to be popular as ever.

But when it comes to which one truly deserves the crown of the best MOBA title, the fanboys from each side start to lose their minds. However, I am gonna break down some of the most prominent features from each of the titles that makes it famous for you to decide.


The first thing I am going to talk about is the gameplays of both of these games, which actually is the most important part of any game. And in terms of gameplay both of these appear to be pretty similar but actually are quite different. League of Legends has a smoother gameplay and combat mechanism that is way more thrilling and it creates a sense of rush in your mind, which is extremely cool.

On the other hand, Dota 2 is a bit slower paced but that doesn’t make it any bad as it gives you more time to strategize your approach. The combat might not be as fast paced or thrilling compared to LOL but it sure is much more organized and planned.

Easy to get Into

Let’s face it, MOBA games are hard to get into, especially for those who have never played any other MOBA game before. But when it comes to LOL, it is way more easier to get into compared to Dota 2, which can be extremely frustrating for a beginner.

That is the reason why LOL is getting more spotlight as new players are choosing it over other MOBA titles. But don’t get me wrong, LOL might be easy for beginners to jump in but it sure isn’t easy to master. It is one of those titles which are “easy to learn but hard to master”.

Dota 2 is way more punishing than LOL, a small mistake in strategy here and a lost opportunity there can cost you the whole match. But that’s also why hardcore gamers are attracted to it and stay loyal to the game, even after thousands of hours!


Now this is where Dota 2 takes over the reins. The game is constantly updated with new content be it weather effects, different announcer packs, terrain effects and so much more. Whereas League of Legends mostly sticks to introducing more flashy skins and champions to the game, which is cool but they still cost you a ton of cash. But if you really want to buy LOL items just head on to some trusted marketplace.

My point being, Dota 2 does a pretty good job at diversifying the content of the game whereas League of Legends sticks to the same old values.

Match Structure

Now when it comes to being structured, I think League of Legends does a pretty good job. Over the years, the structure of the match has been set and pretty much everyone just follows it, because it works. Your role at a certain position is set, for instance, if you want to be a top laner, you’d go for a fighter or a tank or if you want to play as the bottom laner, you could be a support or a carry, it all makes sense.

It becomes easy as you can just select the roles you mostly play before the match starts, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.


I am not going to lean into one of the game and look down at the other because I think both of these games are great, it’s more about the experience that you are going after and they both provide you with different MOBA gaming experience but one thing is certain is that, if you are a beginner and know nothing about MOBA, I think starting with a fresh or old League of Legends account would be easier.

But if you are someone who’s craving for some hardcore gameplay, then I suggest you start with Dota 2 and if you have some experience with MOBA already, you can start with an old Dota 2 account to save yourself from all the grinding and whatnot. I hope this gives you some idea about what makes each of these titles so popular and more importantly which one is a better match for you!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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