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3 Tips to Travel With Friends

Are you tired of being at home just watching Netflix or playing at Then you should travel somewhere. And it’s better to go with your friends. In this case, the following tips will be helpful.

Find Out What You Expect From Your Trip

Unfortunately, good friends don’t always make good travel companions. Even if you adore each other, there is no guarantee that traveling together will be comfortable. In stressful situations and in unfamiliar surroundings people always open up in a new way, so the choice of fellow travelers is worth particularly careful. It is better to go on a trip with someone who you know well and with whom you have been in different situations.

It is easiest and most pleasant to travel with those with whom you agree in views and who share your interests. So before you travel it’s important to talk about what you want from your vacation and how you’re used to spending your travel time. Do you like typical “touristy” activities or do you like to explore obscure places? Do you like to shop abroad and how much time are you used to spending on it? Are you used to walking a lot when you travel, and if so, can your friends support you in this, or are they used to getting around by car or public transportation? Discuss your daily routine: do you like to get up early and go exploring the city, or do you prefer to sleep in until noon and spend your nights in bars? Open and honest conversations can help reveal the discrepancies in the views on the holidays and avoid many conflicts.

Think About the Number of People

Decide what company you are going on vacation with. There is no universal recipe, and in each situation there are pros and cons. For example, it is more convenient to rent rooms for two people than three: it is often crowded in one room, and it is too expensive to take a separate room for the third person. If you do decide to travel together, it is important that one of you does not feel like a “third wheel”. For example, try to alternate who rides separately from the others in the bus.

The trip alone with your best friend or girlfriend also has its disadvantages: if you seriously quarrel, you will have to spend the rest of the trip alone. In this case, it may be easier to go with a large group: you can split up into smaller groups of interest. If you do decide to go on vacation with a few friends, see if it is cheaper to rent an apartment or villa for all than renting several rooms. Check museums and galleries for large group discounts – you might be able to get a tour for yourself and friends for practically the price of a regular ticket.

Plan Together

If the main advantage of traveling alone is freedom, then in a trip with friends you will definitely have to adjust to the others and make certain concessions. Try to take everyone’s interests into consideration during the planning stage: Discuss how you want to spend your time, what you want to visit and what you want to see. Share information with each other about the place you’re going to: this way it’s easier to plan your route, make a plan for your trip and not miss anything interesting and important. Listen to others and don’t be shy about voicing your own wishes: it would be a shame if you invested time and effort in the trip, but never got to see what you wanted.

To make planning a trip more convenient, you can make common lists of tasks. In addition to the well-known Google docs and tables, you can use special services, such as Trello.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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