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6 Types of Fish That You Need To Catch

There are many reasons why people opt to go fishing. Some people do it for fun, others do it for sport. Some people fish as a job and profession. No matter what the reason is that you go offshore fishing, the important thing is that you go. The beauty of offshore fishing is that you can always find new goals and milestones for you to achieve and cross off your list. One of which is the type of fish that you should seek to catch on your fishing escapades. No matter how you approach fishing, you should seek to catch these 6 kinds of fish. This article will highlight what type of fish those are. Here are the 6 types of fish that you need to catch.

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#6- Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is a big fish that can put up a fight so if you cross paths with this one be prepared for a lot of yanking and pulling. A Blue Marlin is an iconic fish, one that you’ve probably seen hanging on the walls of many fish restaurants, Captain’s cabin like the Captain Rich Smith, and in fishing shops or around boardwalks. The Blue Marlin needs to go on your fish list as a fish you need to catch and cross off.

#5- Bass

A bass is a medium-sized fish and not that difficult of a catch. Yes, Bass are relatively big in size, but they don’t put up that big of a fight. A well-known and coveted fish, the Bass is sort of like the Mercedes Benz of fish. You love to see one and you absolutely want to get behind the wheel of one so you can experience it firsthand.

#4- Bluefin Tuna

Widely known in sushi circles, the BlueFin Tuna is one of the more luxurious fish in the big blue sea. It is also one of the most difficult fish to catch. A smart and shrewd fish, the BlueFin Tuna will outmaneuver you, outsmart you, and is a flat-out backbreaker to reel in – pun intended. Watch out with the BlueFin Tuna, she is a handful.

#3- Trout

So far the theme of this article has been giving you one tough fish to catch and one easy one. This next one is considered an easy catch. After all, the Trout are not picky eaters, they’ll go for any kind of bait. Plus, they aren’t that hard to reel in, so this one should be an easy check on your fish bucket list. If you are an angler living in the US and having a friend in Florida, you can ask him to go with you for a tasting of Trout Fishing in Florida during the day or even at night.

#2- Wahoo

The Wahoo will take you for a ride around the waters before you get a chance to get it on deck. This fast and speedy fish is one that is surely tough to catch. But one that you should definitely go after, and try to cross off your list.

#1- Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally is the biggest Trevally fish species and a mantle catch. Known for its extensive toughness, the Giant Trevally will put up a fight so if you are able to catch onto one, make sure to hold on for dear life.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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