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Top Tips To Cycle More Safely During Lockdown

While the coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on the health and financial wellbeing of people across the globe, it’s thought that global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel actually dropped by 7% last year as a result of lockdown measures.

This trend is also supported by a simultaneous boom in cycling, with bike shops (which were allowed to remain open as an “essential service” during the first lockdown) reporting increased sales and repairs throughout 2020.

Still, cycling during a lockdown still provides challenges for riders, especially with more bikes on the road than ever before. So, here are some tips to cycle safely during lockdown!

1. Invest in a Well Equipped Bike

We all know that a helmet is an essential piece of equipment when cycling on the roads, but you should also consider investing in a well-equipped bike at this time.

You’ll certainly need to purchase a bike that boasts both front and rear brakes, for example, particularly as the winter weather sets in and you take to the road in slippery and icy conditions.

You should also ensure that a red rear reflector is mounted on the bike, so that it’s clearly visible but doesn’t hit the ground when the bicycle falls over.

Ideally, your seat post should also have a permanent mark highlighting its minimum depth, so keep an eye out for this when comparing the market for products.

2. Get Insured!

While insurance is something that you may associate with motorcycles and automobiles, you should also make sure that you have some form of coverage as a committed cyclist.

So, it’s crucial that you invest in specialist cycle insurance for you and your bike, so that you can protect yourself against accidental damage, in-vehicle theft away from the home and make provisions for the cost of a replacement bike as and when required.

If you already have insurance and are involved in an accident on the road, you’ll also need to inform your insurer of the details as soon as possible. This will be mandated by your policy and provides protection for all parties involved.

3. Understand the Procedures for a Personal Injury Claim

Notifying the relevant parties about an accident is also crucial if you’re to support any personal injury claims in the future, while there are other criteria to consider if you hope to make a successful claim.

The claim must relate to an injury that occured in the previous three years, for example, while you must also be able to demonstrate that you suffered financially as well as physically as a result of the incident.

The injury or incident in question should also have been caused at least in part by somebody else, and you’ll need to be able to demonstrate this at the time of making your official claim.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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