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Quality of Life and Housing Costs in San Diego

Are you moving to San Diego and are worried about the quality of life there? Don’t worry, in this article, we will be discussing the quality of life and housing costs in San Diego. So make an appointment with San Diego Movers and read our article as it will give the answer to all your questions regarding the quality of living and housing costs.

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Quality of Life in San Diego

San Diego is located on the Pacific Coast. It is a beautiful city with a rich culture and heritage. The city is very famous for its beaches, parks and warm climate, art galleries, museums, and gardens. The city is also very well known for entertainment.

San Diego is considered to be a place with a good quality of living mainly due to the following reasons:

Safety of Public

San Diego is the safest largest city in California, in the list of countries with a population of 5 million or more, San Diego ranks 4th in the list in terms of safety. Crime rates have also decreased drastically in the city. All this has been made possible due to the strict rules, regulations, and compliance management in the city. One of the main reasons for San Diego being the safest largest city is that San Diego is a military town and is well-patrolled by the military.

The climate in the city

San Diego has a very pleasant environment throughout the year. The weather in San Diego is considered to be the second-best in the whole world. Moreover, summers are tolerable as the weather in summers is not extremely hot, the same is the case for winters, as winters are not too cold and are bearable.

Make new friends easily

Even if you are moving to San Diego alone, you need not worry as you can easily make friends while exploring the city. You can easily find people spending time on the beaches, exploring beachside shops, restaurants, and other places. Moreover, a lot of events are organized in the city, you can attend them and make new friends.

Health care

San Diego tops the list of best health care provided in the cities. It is considered the best in the nation. There are 22 accredited hospitals, and about 6 hospitals offer AMA residency programs. The city has almost 6600 beds available. San Diego ranks in the top three for quality of life and health care.

Art and Culture

If you like to be connected to the roots, to the art and culture of your city or country, then San Diego is an apt situation for you. Almost a dozen museums are located in Balboa Park, which focuses on history, culture, science, and technology. San Diego Opera, San Diego Symphony, La Jolla are some of the famous annual music stage festivals in the city. When it comes to movies, there are more than 150 theatre or movie screens in the city, major film festivals are also organized in the city.

Best Craft beers in the nation

San Diego is also very famous for its craft beers and beer festivals are organized almost every weekend. There are many breweries, taprooms, beer bars, or gastropubs in the city.

Not very far from international destinations for vacations

If you like to travel a lot, then staying in San Diego is best for you as San Diego is in close proximity to destinations like Mexico, and Baja California. You can find lobsters at any time of the year in Puerto Nuevo. Apart from this, there are amazing tourist destinations like Los Angeles, Begas, Disneyland, etc.

Job and education

You must apply for a job or secure a job before moving to San Diego because the cost of living in San Diego is very high. For instance, start looking for relocation services in San Diego only after you have got an appointment letter. Tourism, the military are the most popular areas of employment along with the post of Chief Executives and physicians. You can even apply for jobs at the University of California.

San Diego is home to the second-largest school in California. Big schools and universities are also located in San Diego. You can find the largest number of degree holders in San Diego.

These are the reasons why the quality of living in San Diego is excellent and a large number of people move to San Diego every year. Now you must have made up your mind about moving to San Diego, so let’s read about the housing costs in San Diego.

Housing Costs in San Diego

In the lists of most affordable cities in California, San Diego ranks on number 51. And San Diego ranks 168th in terms of the cost of living. The average cost of living in San Diego is 5-6% higher than in California and almost 49-50% higher than the whole country. This is proof that San Diego is a costly city to live in.

If you are planning to move to San Diego, then you need to decide whether you are going to buy a house in San Diego or will rent a house or apartment. To make it easier for you to decide, we will disclose the cost of both, buying and renting a house or apartment in San Diego.

If you are willing to rent an apartment in San Diego, then you must be well prepared as you will have to pay almost 100% more rent in comparison to other cities in California. The average cost of renting a bedroom apartment is $1500 per month, and a two-bedroom house is $2000-$2030 per month, the rent of a three-bedroom apartment is $2900 – $3000. Furthermore, the average cost of renting an apartment in the metro areas of the city is $1500 per month.

If you are planning to buy a house, then be ready to shed $650,000 on average. The cost of housing is very high in San Diego compared to other cities in California.

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