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 Some special forms and ways of playing in the southern lottery are easy to win. It is creating a strong attraction for everyone because everyone wants to change their lives. And what do you know about playing the lottery in the south? The following article will answer your questions:

What types of lottery are there?

  • Lottery paper tickets

Paper lottery tickets include several main forms: traditional lottery (lottery form), scratch lottery, and self-selected lottery. Check out lottery results and predictions at

  • Self-selected Lottery – Lotto

Self-selected Lottery, also called Lotto, is the most popular lottery in the world. With this type, the player will select X numbers in the matrix of Y numbers. In the US, 6/49 lottery is the most common type of matrix lottery with the frequency of drawing twice a week, jackpot winners can choose to receive a one-time prize or receive small payouts. by year (maximum of 20 years). However, in other countries, the winners will only be awarded once. There are some cases where countries work together to increase the rewards to more attractive.

  • Sports betting

Sports betting has been around since 1920. Sweden was the country with the first football betting company that was born in Europe in 1934. After World War II, due to the decline in the sports industry, it was recognized that restored and in need of improved funds, many European governments have decided to license sports associations to hold betting. In the late 1980s, a new form of sports betting was launched in Canada and is currently being held in 4 out of 5 provincial lottery companies here. Sports betting is opened to attract sports fans but not interested in lottery games.

Sports betting has been around since 1920

  • Video lottery

The latest and last lottery types are lotteries on video-enabled devices including VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) and VGD (Video Gaming Device) video game equipment. The South Dakota Lottery Company was the first company to deploy the VLT network in 1989. After just a decade of implementing the VLT, the total revenue of the South Dakota Lottery Company increased from 21 million dollars to 600 million dollars. Currently, this type of lottery is allowed in many states in the US, Canada, and Australia.

  • Traditional lottery in Vietnam

Maintained for nearly 50 years, the traditional lottery is one of the first lotteries in Vietnam. Players are not allowed to choose their own numbers; they only need to buy tickets that have printed numbers and compare them with the result at the end of the day and collate with all the draws of the draw at the same day

Note when playing the lottery

– When playing the lottery, you should not distinguish between good and bad numbers, you just need to choose according to your hunches, for example, but there is no need to consider or ask other people whether this number is good or bad. Because no one who rules that a bad number is not allowed to win.

– When playing, especially psychologically must be very comfortable. There is a comfort to be able to win myself. Good psychology means that you should not place heavy emphasis on the value of the prizes you are certain to achieve. It only pressures you and makes you stress.

– When playing the Southern lottery, you need to be rhythmic tactics. Should dismiss the idea that you will change your life in a single play.

– If you are playing continuously and you win a lot the day before, you should play less the next day, avoid being greedy and invest more in those numbers without calculation!

– Do not invest in a single number that lasts several days in the hope of winning that number in the following days. There should be no idea that the number is not out then it will come out and wait.

– You can read more and learn the necessary and valuable experience from the predecessors to have more sure tactics.

– Do not believe, superstition in luck, those things are completely incorrect and very difficult to get.

– It is possible to believe in the sixth sense (only a little, but with number is really impressive). When studying many numbers, it is possible that we have a feeling or a hunch that a number.

– The lottery council has the ability to cheat and have a higher chance of winning.

Things to avoid when you play lottery

Currently, besides the southern lottery, there are many other forms of lottery such as the online lottery. For many, they will rely on their date of birth to play the lottery. Others are more careful when choosing on the numbers in their lives.

Restricting to selecting numbers below 30

It is good advice, instead of a sure-fire way to avoid common figures. Studies have shown that many lottery players rely on their important birthdays. Because no month has more than 31 days, 32 or more will rarely be selected to.

Lucky number 7

In fact, the origin of 7 – the lucky number – comes from many ancient civilizations, in countries around the world. It is popular as a symbol of luck still to this day, and it is one of the most popular numbers.

The number 13 is unlucky

The number 13 is an inappropriate number, as it is considered unlucky in many cultures and players are wary of putting it in their lottery line in case it jeopardizes everything. Although of negative significance, statistically, the chances of being drawn are not higher, or lower than any number.


The University of Southampton has done a number of lottery studies; and in 1998, revealed that the number 7 was 25% more likely to be selected than any other number.

Recently, they announced that the series 1,2,3,4,5,6 is chosen by about 10,000 people per week.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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