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Advken Manta RTA 4.5ml 24mm with Glass Tube Standard Edition

Advken Manta RTA from vapeciga is a truly attractive and innovative atomizer so you can enjoy excellent taste and very gentle vapour. In terms of design, the inflated heat-resistant glass completes the exquisite design work. The entire body is made of high-quality Stainless Steel 304 and is available in two basic colors sliver and golden.

At the bottom of the atomizer, you’ll find the 510 thread, which makes the atomizer compatible with almost all handles on the market. The atomizer is 24mm in diameter and inside the atomizer has double gold-plated posts design with two coil constructions for greater heating. Thanks to the unique design, you will find plenty of room for cotton and the installation of the helix itself is quick and easy. The tank can use a larger chubby glass to provide 4.5ml or another normal glass about 3ml of e-liquid. The choice of glass is up to you. With a capacity of 4.5ml, you can expect hours of easy puffing without filling.

When it comes to adding e-liquid to the tank, you are sure to be satisfied with the top refill system. The Manta RTA is filled from above (topfill), you can loosen the top cover and fill the liquid from above into the very large opening hole. The improved airflow control system provides the best taste of the atomizer which provides a wide air opening at the bottom or a series of smaller holes on the same control ring. Designed for MTL, the target users of Advken Manta RTA are all classic puffed users from beginner to advanced.

Attractive processing

Advken Manta RTA is a beautiful atomizer with two colors to choose from.

Advken’s quality for the customers is very high. Even after very strict considerations, no defects can be found. Every color copy have a high quality and noble impression. The overall structure is made of stainless steel 304. The result of the first-class building materials is the high quality of the entire atomizer. It also provides a nice design. And its drip tip is PEI 810 which can fit the hole tightly. With a small diameter of 24mm at the bottom and a standardized 510 thread, Manta RTA is compatible with most very good mods on the market.

Designed for MTL

It is the atomizer of the classic puffing machine (MTL). This can be demonstrated by a single coil base, with tapered steam exiting the chamber, but it is also possible to obtain a pleasant amount of steam through a beautiful cigarette holder. Therefore, it meets all the requirements of the MTL atomizer.

Practical basis

There is a gold-plated base on the bottom base for a spiral shape. Installation is very simple and is easy for beginners to handle. Gold-plated contacts ensure better conductivity and faster start-up time.

Excellent taste

The bottom airflow system is fully adjustable in order to create the best taste. The top mouthpiece is made of high-quality material that provide amazingly fine vapour. Structurally speaking, the atomizer is designed to have the most addictive taste.

Volume of electronic liquid

The capacity of the tank is 4.5ml but the base is only 24mm in diameter and the total height is 46mm. Therefore, the atomizer can also be installed on a relatively small battery rack. Includes a short 810 drip tip made of PEI. The mouthpiece is inserted into the top cover with the seal ring in the top cover and not on the dripper. And the water tank with raised glass will be able to add a total of 4.5ml of electronic liquid and included is 3ml of spare heat-resistant glass. The raised glass provides a solid volume, is easy to use and can be used continuously for several hours. So you will have a wonderful vaping experience.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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