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What To Consider When Purchasing Safety Boots

Here at Grisport, we understand the importance of owning the correct footwear that ticks all of your boxes. From the protection, support, and comfort, right down to the aesthetic finish – there are many things to consider.

Purchasing footwear that is designed to perform and manufactured to withstand longevity is an investment, at the end of the day. Even more so if the intent of the purchase is for workwear, especially on chosen styles such as Safety Boots.

Many industries now ask that you wear a pair of Safety Boots in the workplace to abide by UK Health and Safety laws, especially in environments where falling objects could cause an injury, or if you are carrying out work on uneven, hazardous construction surfaces. As a general component of your day to day uniform, you therefore need to ensure that it is not only the style of your Safety Boot that ticks all of your boxes, but that the fit is perfect for wearing in different environments, weather conditions and for varying lengths of time.

But how exactly do you make sure that you are basing your decision off the correct guidelines? And that your chosen pair of Safety Boots are fit for your working environment? Let us help you along the way with our Grisport Guide on what to consider when purchasing Safety Boots…

Understanding The Importance Of PPE

PPE is your Personal Protective Equipment, and all employers now have a duty to instruct the correct wear and use while you are on their site. PPE is worn with the intent to protect an employee from health or safety risks in the workplace. Whether it be falling objects, flying debris or potential hazards, your risks can vary from workplace to workplace, but protecting your employees in the form of Safety Boots, high-visibility clothing, eye protection and/or safety harnesses, for example, will provide protection and peace of mind for their safety.

Knowing Your Workplace Environment

For many who require the wear of Safety Boots, your job can require you to be on your feet for a large proportion of the day. Some examples of workplaces where the wear of Safety Boots is a uniform requirement are on building sites, in a warehouse/factory, or a working kitchen.

For this reason, the potential hazards can vary depending on what conditions you could more likely to be open to. For example, the possible risks can range from:

  • Falling objects or debris
  • Wet and/or slippery surfaces
  • Weather conditions
  • Acid or harmful chemical splash
  • Operation of heavy tools

A top tip before you begin your search for the perfect pair of Safety Boots is to carry out a Risk Assessment on your workplace, or your specific role to ensure you know exactly what you need to be protected from, to make your purchase worthwhile in the long run.

This could involve you taking note of your day to day workspot – focus on the tasks you have to carry out on a daily basis, ask yourself:

  • If you deal with the use of oils, chemicals and liquid – will your area be particularly wet and slippery?
  • Do you operate heavy machinery, or handle the distribution or movement of tools and machinery, which could cause injury if not moved correctly?
  • Do you have to work outside regularly? Therefore throughout winter, you may experience extreme weather conditions, for example, snow, ice, heavy rain, etc.

Learn Your Required Safety Standard Ratings

All safety footwear should be regulated by Safety Standards that inform the wearer of what shoes are best for what particular environment or role you are working in. These are in place to ensure that you get the most appropriate wear out of your footwear, making your investment worthwhile.

There are six protection ratings that are applied to a Safety Boot or Shoe, which are extremely helpful to assist you in narrowing down your options, that are as follows:

  • SB – Safety Basic – Toe Protection
  • S1 – Antistatic, Energy Absorption, Oil-Resistant
  • S2 – Prevents Water Penetration
  • S3 – Midsole Penetration Resistance
  • S4 – Leak-Proof
  • S5 – Leak-Proof with Midsole Penetration Resistance

Look Out For Supportive Assets

There are general components that are great to keep a keen eye out for when you are shopping for your new pair of Safety Boots.

  • Breathable Uppers – Ensure comfort in your boot or shoe which is beneficial for working in heated workplaces or wearing for long periods of time.
  • Grease Resistant / Heat Proof Soles – Providing protection against slippery or hot surfaces.
  • Anti-Perforation Steel Midsole / Steel Toe Cap – Hard protection against falling objects or debris.
  • Water Resistance – Aid to keep your feet warm and dry, providing general comfort.
  • Anti-Static – Prevents static electricity and provides protection against flammable materials.

Consider The Maintenance and Aftercare

Once you have purchased your Safety footwear, naturally you want them to last years and be worth the money. After all, they are an investment piece in your workwear. It is important that you understand the best way of maintaining the condition of your footwear, and stick by the simple aftercare tips that can aid to keep your product in tip-top, pristine condition.

Here at Grisport, we have many products that you can purchase with your Safety Boots to maintain the condition and lifespan of your footwear, by nourishing and protecting the materials.

We recommend the following:

  • Waterproofing Cream Jar- This Waterproofing Cream provides an exact replacement wax on many of our Grisport waxed boots. A must buy if you have our waxed finish boots and shoes, in order to keep them in top notch condition.
  • Ultra Absorb Insoles – Grisport Ultra Absorb insoles have been designed to fit perfectly in Grisport boots, with a shock-absorbing latex that aids walking comfort.
  • Anti-Shock Gel Insole – These insoles have a comforting gel shock absorber on a full gel heel to cushion and absorb impact. The top is designed with a perspiration absorbing anti-blister material with breathable aeration hole for comfort for long wear.

Grisport’s Range Of Safety Boots

>> For a wide range of Safety Boots that look and perform great, why not take a look through our collection over at Grisport?

We have a selection of both men and women’s Safety Boots in a range of designs, safety ratings and purpose for wear. If you require any further information about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the helpful Grisport team on 01670713344 or by email at [email protected].


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Written by Marcus Richards

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