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DJ Set For Kids- Are They Worth It?

Professional DJ sets can get extremely expensive and are beyond the means of most looking to want to try out DJing during there personal time or wanting to learn more about mixing tracks and creating unique soundtracks of there own.

The best toys or gifts one can give to there children is often one that involved an element of both fun and learning. Kids DJ sets are built to do exactly that! They offer an element of fun, creativity, and above all learning as a way for children to appreciate music and develop an interest in making there own songs or tunes.

DJ sets built for beginners or kids have limited switches and knobs meaning that you have lesser control over sound quality. However, this makes it easier to learn and master making them a rewarding activity for any child interested in music.

Limited capabilities is not essentially a bad thing as DJ sets for kids are a lot lighter and robust than more advanced models. They are also a lot less expensive which makes them an affordable gift choice for parents. Kids can spend hours DJing in there rooms letting their imagination run wild and producing cool beats that might even get you in the mood to party!

Things To Look For When Buying A DJ Set For Kids


If your kid is going to be using a DJ set it has to more robust and durable to withstand the many knockings and falls it is likely to face in the near future. Buying a DJ set that is robust, with well-made buttons and switches will last a whole lot longer than cheaper models that are often flimsy and can break easily.


Depending on your child’s age you are likely going to want a DJ starter kit that is lightweight and compact in size making it easy for your child to carry around and practice on.

Design & Style

If a DJ starter kit looks boring and uncool your child is not likely going to want to play on it. The best DJ starter kits look cool and often have lights and cool colors that make them cool to look at and instantly desirable to a young aspiring DJ.


DJ sets and equipment, in general, can be quite expensive. This is an expensive hobby even for adults. Luckily, DJ starter kits are a lot more affordable and depending on the model you choose can actually be interesting enough for even parents to have some fun.


Finding the right balance of price and functionality is always tricky. You want to stay within budget but at the same time, you also want the best DJ set you can get for your kid. Finding the right balance is essential and that comes with a little bit of research and guidance.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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