Tips To Promote Product Visibility in Your Retail Store

Product visibility is the measure of how easily customers can discover and identify products within a store. If an item has poor product visibility, it’s more likely the customers will overlook it, and it will suffer from poor sales. If you’re looking for ways to push certain products, here are some tips to promote product visibility in your retail store.

Adjust Your Store Layout

If you’re having trouble getting certain products to sell, it could be due to your store layout. Understanding sight lines and focal points is crucial when designing an effective layout. When you navigate your store, consider which products your customers see first when they enter. Their line of sight will often follow the open areas or pathways of your store, leading to focal points at the end. These are key areas to promote products you want to sell the most. Consider setting up a display at or near the entrance to your store. Customers are more likely to notice products initially or as they follow the paths of your store.

Go Vertical With Your Displays

Retail stores, especially small business stores, often struggle with space and finding ways to display all the products they offer. Placing tables in the middle of your floor takes up more space and makes it difficult for customers to view these products from other angles throughout the store. Consider ways that you can use vertical space in your store, which will provide better views of your products. For example, if you own a boutique, you could deviate from the standard floor rack trend and find other creative ways to display hats, such as creating a hat wall.

Create Pops of Bright Color

Color can strongly influence how your customers shop at your store. Colors have strong psychological effects and can even influence your customers’ moods. Bright colors often make us feel naturally happy and drawn to them. Use this insight into color psychology to attract your customers to certain displays and view your products. Organizing your products by color can also make them easier to navigate, so customers will be more likely to look through more of your selection. These are just a few ways to use color in your retail marketing.

As you swap your retail store’s displays and inventory this season, remember these tips to promote product visibility. These strategies are ideal for promoting seasonal and limited-time items or those you want to push to make room for more inventory.

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Written by Logan Voss

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