4 Uses of Industrial Filtration You May Not Know

While industrial filtration is a little more complicated than a colander separating pasta water from pasta, the general idea is the same! The goal is to refine an end product by separating debris or waste from it. If you’re curious to learn more about filters, read on and discover four uses of industrial filtration that you may not know.


Many dangers can arise if manufacturing facilities don’t use industrial filtration, from cross-contamination to health hazards to environmental issues. Agencies such as OSHA and the EPA work to set standards that keep employees and the environment safe, and industrial filtration facilitates this.


Without the ability to purify drinking water, the world may not have safe drinking water. However, industrial filtration does more than purify water. It’s also essential to keep things like chemicals and pharmaceuticals contaminant-free. Sterile compounding filters come in various types, and they all allow these products to have their desired effects without incorporating potentially dangerous side effects.


Without filtration systems in place throughout industrial facilities, things may end up grinding to a halt. Oil rigs draw oil up along with dirt and other debris. These particles could slow down other machines throughout the refining process, so filtration can reduce the effort needed to process oil once it reaches the surface.

Equipment Protection

As we mentioned with efficiency, some of the particulates in the liquids that require filtration can gum up the works or even damage expensive equipment. Whether these particles go on to erode machinery or clog things up, filtration can stop these costly mistakes from happening.

Now that you understand these four uses of industrial filtration that you may not have known, we hope you know that, despite the plethora of filtration options available, there’sone that’s best for you. If you’re still not sure what that option is, contact a filtration expert—they can help you determine what system will get the job done for your application.

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Written by Logan Voss

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