Simple Tips on Caring for Your Vibratory Tumbler

You put your vibratory tumbler through a lot because it must deburr a hefty amount of pieces that vary greatly in terms of size and shape. As a result, it’s quite easy for our tumblers to degrade with all the jobs they must do if you don’t care for them correctly. That’s why it’s so important that you practice the best maintenance to ensure yours lasts for years to come. As such, you might want to learn some simple tips on caring for your vibratory tumbler.

Clean the Bottom

When the time comes for you to move your barrel, you must ensure the area you place it on is clean and clear of debris. You want to avoid debris because if you rest your barrel on it, it’ll likely adhere to the bottom. When you transport your barrel back to your vibratory tumbler, the debris will rub against the foam backing and the barrel. Every time you use your vibratory tumbler, the friction against that debris can easily create a hole or crack. This will require a complete replacement.

Fill It Up

You might think it’s best to fill your vibratory tumbler only about halfway to avoid overwhelming your machine. However, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. It may seem odd, but one of the best tips for caring for your vibratory tumbler is to fill it up nearly to the top. When you only fill your barrel about halfway, that results in more bouncy shaking that can degrade your tumbler from the inside. Filling your barrel almost full or three-quarters full decreases the vigorous shaking, which leads to smoother circulation.

Handle With Care

Countless industries utilize the advantageous mass finishing process, as it helps meet quota requirements. However, it also requires ensuring every piece comes out looking like its counterpart. If you don’t handle your vibratory tumbler with care, it can degrade sooner than it should. This can then affect your product and cost you more in the long run.

It may seem odd, but even the slightest drop can cause a crack in your barrel, and you’ll have to replace it. As such, when you’re transporting your barrel with the material inside, make sure to handle it with dry hands to prevent slipping.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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