Consequences of a Faulty Circuit Breaker

Did you know that a breaker box and the components within have a recommended operating lifespan of 30 to 40 years? After that period, this device becomes less effective. Sometimes, it even turns into a significant hazard to infrastructure and human lives. Here are the three main consequences of a faulty circuit breaker.

Building Energy Inefficiency

The most common andnoticeable consequence of a circuit breaker on the fritz is overall building energy inefficiency. When a circuit breaker can’t properly regulate the flow of electrical current to appliances, light fixtures, and other devices, the impacted machines overconsume electricity and drive up utility bills. Aside from the unnecessarily high costs, inefficient electrical systems provide worse residential and commercial environments. Who wants to work or live in a building with dim, flickering lights and unresponsive, ineffective appliances? Luckily, repairing and replacing a faulty circuit breaker will instantly resolve these complications!

Electrical Fires

The most dangerousrepercussion associated with faulty circuit breakers is the risk of an electrical fire starting abruptly. Electrical fires often result from a severe electrical system overload. During this surge in energy, electrical equipment temperatures rise to dangerous levels, creating a more volatile environment. If a faulty wiring connection sparks during the systems overload, the potential for an electrical fire becomes very real. Unfortunately, electrical fires are among the most dangerous occurrences, as traditional fire-fighting techniques cannot extinguish them effectively.

Increased Liability

In the event of a catastrophic electrical fire, insurance companies will work with property owners and fire investigators to determine the cause and, most importantly, liability. A building with a faulty circuit breaker is moreliable for damages and injuries. Thanks to increased financial responsibility, these unfortunate situations can significantly harm the success of your business or property. As such, you must protect yourself and others by maintaining a functional circuit breaker as well as overall electrical systems in your building.

The consequences of a faulty circuit breaker in your building include everything from inconvenient inefficiency to life-threatening complications. Never hesitate to consult a professional engineer when determining the cause and solution for electrical system malfunctions.

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Written by Logan Voss

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