Troubleshooting Tips for Your Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are secure and convenient ways to control access to your business, community, and other properties. However, as easy as they are to operate, automatic gates can experience technical difficulties just as any other security device does. If you utilize an automatic gate on your property, remember these troubleshooting tips for your gate to help you identify common issues.

Unusual Noises From Your Gate

One of the most obvious signs of damage to your automatic gate is unusual noises coming from the system. All automatic gates make some form of mechanical noise, but if you notice loud, strange noises coming from your gate, this is your sign to pause operation. Prevent further damage by disabling your gate while you schedule an inspection and repairs. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as applying more lubrication to the working parts. However, loud noises can also be a sign of internal damage to your gate’s parts.

Gate Is Jerky or Slow-Moving

If your gate doesn’t seem to be moving as quickly as it did in the past, there could be multiple causes. The simplest fix to a slow-moving or jerky gate is to lubricate your gate’s hinges, rails, and other mechanics. Use a weather-safe lubricant that will hold up against the elements. If a lubricant doesn’t fix the jerkiness, you may need to schedule an inspection of your gate’s motor. When a motor starts to wear out, you may notice slower gate speeds.

Your Gate Is Obstructed

If you or your visitors encounter issues with your automatic gate not opening at all, the issue is likely due to an obstruction in your gate’s path. Inspect your gate’s path daily for obstructions, especially after severe weather conditions such as storms and snow. These events could cause a branch or accumulation of snow to block your gate’s path. Automatic gate sensors are smart—they detect movement and obstructions like these to prevent accidents or damage to vehicles and other property.

The next time you or your visitors experience issues with your property’s automatic gate, remember these troubleshooting tips. Utilizing these tips can help you catch issues earlier and prevent further damage to your automatic gate.

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Written by Logan Voss

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