How To Prevent Heavy Equipment Failure on the Job

When your heavy equipment fails on a construction site or other job, it can cause your work to come to a standstill. Don’t let your equipment get to the point where it breaks down. Instead, use these tips to prevent heavy equipment failure on the job site. These tips can help you prevent breakdowns and lead to less equipment downtime.

Complete Regular Equipment Inspections

Get into the habit of conducting regular inspections on your construction equipment. Ideally, you want to clean and inspect your heavy equipment after every use. Frequent inspections help identify damage to your equipment or flaws in certain parts or processes. If you can catch these issues early, you won’t have to deal with them during your equipment’s next construction job. Inspections are a fantastic way to promote more long-term use of your equipment, which helps your business save money.

Reactive Maintenance Vs. Preventive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is the process of fixing and repairing equipment and other tools in response to failure and breakdowns. Reactive maintenance aims to return the product to normal after an event. However, preventive maintenance takes place before accidents and breakdowns on the job. Preventive maintenance helps keep your heavy equipment in good condition so you can confidently use it on your next project. This type of maintenance is ideal for increasing the longevity of your equipment and saving money on repairs.

Keep Spare Parts in Stock

Another way to keep repair costs down is to keep spare parts in stock when needed. Consider training your employees to complete small maintenance jobs, such as replacing common parts, to save time and money. Practice preventive maintenance by replacing small parts when they show signs of wear instead of when they break down fully. Besides replacing parts, there are other ways to practice heavy equipment preventative maintenance, such as training employees in visual inspections and cleaning equipment.

Now that you know how to prevent heavy equipment failure on the job with these tips, practice them in your line of work. Help your business save money by preventing downtime and increasing the longevity of your equipment.

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Written by Logan Voss

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