The Top-Paying Jobs at an Offshore Oil Rig

Working on an oil rig can come with a hefty paycheck, but it comes with hard and often hazardous work. Ensure you’re okay with consecutively being away from home for a few weeks. In return, you’ll spend consecutive weeks at home after your long shift. Keep reading to discover a few top-paying jobs at an offshore oil rig.

Drilling Consultant

Drilling consultants oversee the operations of the offshore oil rig. Their tasks include maintaining the correct number of works and placing orders for new equipment and supplies when needed. Drilling consultants will work with supervisors and lead employees to retain workers’ health and safety and maximize rig production. Working in this position requires a vast knowledge of the offshore rig. You’ll be providing advice and consulting with others to solve drilling issues.

The drilling consultant job is one of the highest-paid positions on the offshore oil rig. The salary is typically in the six-figure range.

Maintenance and Production Supervisor

Maintenance and production supervisors ensure the production plant and the electrical and mechanical equipment continue functioning effectively. These pieces of equipment need to meet the production targets.

Individuals in this position also manage the activities of the maintenance and production technicians, communicate with onshore engineers to solve maintenance and production problems, and interact with engineers and the offshore installation manager.

The more experience you have in this career, the higher your pay. You can enter working the low six figures and work your way up as you become more knowledgeable.

Helicopter Pilots and Divers

If you’re an experienced pilot or diver looking to work for the oil and gas industry, these positions are for you. A diver will help support offshore platform inspection, construction, and maintenance. Divers will also perform activities like repairing and cleaning subsea installations, structures, and pipelines. You could also gain experience in underwater welding.

Helicopter pilots will transfer individuals and cargo between other offshore rigs. Another task will be assisting in geological surveying. If any staff becomes sick or injured, the helicopter pilot takes the employee to the onshore medical facility.

It’s important to understand these top-paying offshore oil rig jobs aren’t entry-level. You’ll need to gain experience in the industry to work your way up. The point is that you can have a well-paid career working on an offshore oil rig.

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Written by Logan Voss

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