Liquid Coating vs. Powder Coating: Which Is Better?

Coatings are types of paint typically made from a thermoset polymer or thermoplastic. They’re usually used for industrial or commercial applications, such as electronics, aerospace, construction, medical device manufacturing, and general manufacturing. This paint hardens when cured, providing a superior finish and additional protection. There are two main kinds of coatings: liquid coating and powder coating. But which is better for your specific needs?

Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is a liquid form of paint that’s applied manually or automatically by spray. As stated, the coating is cured with heat or air dryied to create the desired finish. Additionally, solvents and additives are often mixed with liquid coatings to produce different thicknesses, textures, and other characteristics of the finish. Customizing the color of this liquid paint is very simple, and only a few layers are actually necessary, making it a highly economical option for businesses.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is slightly more expensive than liquid coating, but the investment is worth it. These polymer resin systems produce exceptional finishes for an unlimited array of applications. Similar to liquid coatings, the powder (along with added curatives, flow modifiers, leveling agents, and more) is applied with a spray gun. However, the layer is supplied with an electrostatic charge to encourage better adhesion. The coated object is then cured in an oven, and long molecular chains are formed that provide superior protection.

Which Is Better?

You might consider liquid coating services if you want to save money and if your desired finish requires specific textures and colors. This process is exceptionally affordable, requires fewer resources than powder-based products, and boasts a quicker curing time. However, powder coating does provide superior protection and is more applicable for special non-metal materials like plastics. Additionally, powder coating is more environmentally-friendly, as the process won’t create pollutants and hazardous fumes.

When it comes to liquid coating and powder coating and knowing which is better for you, it’s best to consider your budget. Liquid products are the most affordable and efficient, while powder-based layers provide the best quality. Determine which of these benefits is most important to you before deciding on the best coating services.

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Written by Logan Voss

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