General Labor Worker: 5 Skills You Need For The Job

General labor workers put their bodies and minds on the line each day. They risk compromising their health and well-being to finish a job.

If you want to be a general labor worker one day, here are five skills you need to be a successful candidate for the job!

Physical Strength

The first important skill for a general labor worker is to have physical strength and stamina. You’ll be responsible for loading and unloading heavy items for most roles. Standing on your feet all day, lifting heavy items, and much more can be exhausting. Over time, you’ll grow accustomed to this type of labor and know how to take care of yourself after a long day.

Communication Skills

You can’t finish a project without proper communication skills from all employees. Both written and verbal communication skills are essential. Pay attention to instructions, write details about projects as needed, and work as a team. That’s the best way to efficiently get through any task.

Responsible and Safe

Your coworkers and managers need to be able to trust you. Maybe you’re caught up in operating machinery and ready to quickly complete a task. You can’t take shortcuts as a general labor worker. Listen to instructions and follow all safety precautions closely.

Every project has safety rules to follow. No matter which position you choose, stay safe and know how to avoid common job site accidents to protect yourself and others.

Machinery Operation

There are countless machines used in each labor specialty. If you’re new, it’s beneficial to have general machinery operation knowledge. This way, you have the fundamental understanding to grow and learn more as you continue to work on more projects.


When you step onto a job site, in the beginning, you might be uncertain about what tasks you’ll conduct. If you’re in this situation, stay calm and open-minded. As long as you stay positive and receptive to whatever projects come your way, you’ll do great!

You have all these skills listed above. You’re a hard worker that’s capable of amazing things! With these five skills needed for a general labor worker job, you’re prepared for any task thrown your way.

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Written by Logan Voss

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