Most Effective Ways To Clean a Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance is crucial. Neglecting a parking lot says so much about the commercial building it connects to. The building may not even look terrible, but the parking lot creates the first impression. So no lingering issues with the upkeep should exist. Check out these most effective ways to clean a parking lot.

Remove the Weeds

Weeds pop up, especially if the area has lots of cracks on the lot. A parking lot riddled with weeds communicates that the building is also likely in a state of neglect. It doesn’t really encourage visitors to investigate further. Before starting any washing, you must clear out the weeds and any other unwanted vegetation.

If there are lots of fallen leaves or branches, remove those. Start a pile and collect them all for proper disposal later. Some weeds might prove stubborn, so make sure to arm yourself with the right supplies and chemicals to properly remove them from your lot.

Clear the Debris

The world isn’t perfect, and unfortunately, that sometimes means you have to deal with lots of litter. People will unwrap a candy bar in their car and then dump the wrapper in your lot before driving off. It happens.

Get a heavy-duty broom and poker and start picking up the leftover garbage. Also, use the broom for the debris. Debris isn’t really any one person’s fault; it just comes from the elements. But you can discourage people from littering by strategically placing garbage bins throughout the lot.

Wash the Surface

After clearing all the trash, debris, and weeds, hook up the power washer. Not many people read up on how to properly operate one of these. Make sure you know the dos and don’ts of power washing before starting.

Try and do this portion of the cleanup during non-operating hours. It’s better when there are fewer patrons for safety reasons. You don’t want to damage anyone’s car with the power washer or make the lot too slippery for people to walk on.

Fix the Cracks

There will be some cracks. Too many of them are clear signs the parking lot needs maintenance. Don’t let too many cracks and potholes appear before addressing them.

Have them filled out after clearing everything out. Never start filling them with trash and weeds still in the area. That won’t last and will only act as a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

Cleaning out a parking lot can be lots of work, especially if there is serious neglect. Keep up with these most effective techniques to keep the work to a minimum.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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