How To Choose the Perfect Lighting Fixture for Your Entryway

When you walk into the front door of a home, you’re often greeted by an entryway table, an eye-catching accent rug, or a friendly animal to make you feel welcome. However, a warm and inviting home is often accompanied by the perfect lighting system.

If you think your front entryway lacks a proper lighting system or has a light fixture that’s outdated, choosing a new one can feel daunting. So, let’s discuss tips for picking the perfect light fixture for your entryway area.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

There are many types of lighting fixtures to consider for your entryway. Some lighting fixture styles include chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, pendants, wall scones, and lamps. Chandeliers create a glamorous, bold look and offer colonial candles, sleek drums, crystal, and cage chandeliers for your desired style. As for pendants, they work for modern homes and draw the eye upward to create an illusion of taller ceilings.

When fitted on one or either side of the entryway door, wall scones provide an inviting glow without tampering with the real estate. Lamps provide visual interest through wall mounting, when placed on an entryway table, or as a floor decoration. Lastly, ceiling fixtures make a fantastic choice if you don’t have space for a chandelier without taking away visual interest and sophistication.

Fixture Height and Illumination Level

Before choosing the perfect light fixture for your entryway, you need to consider the size and space you have in your home. You want to stick with either smaller or larger light fixtures depending on the size of the entryway. For example, chandeliers and pendants should have 2 to 3 inches of height for each foot of ceiling height, while two-story foyers should allow 32 to 48 inches of height for larger chandeliers.

Your preferred fixture illumination level should go by matching light bulb wattage without overheating or damaging the socket. You can find incandescent bulbs, LED, or halogen bulbs for the best lighting possible.

Choose the Style You Enjoy

The style you choose depends on your existing layout and how long you plan on keeping the layout style. Ideally, going for a timeless fixture style will prevent you from needing to switch it out after only a few years. Whether you go with a simple pendant light, a golden chandelier, or soft wall scones, ensure that they fit the current layout of your entryway.

Consider Fixture Proportionality

Proportionality is a significant factor in choosing a lighting fixture. The scale of the foyer takes up considerable space and calls for light fixture adjustments.

Consider the vertical space available for your chandelier, pendant, or other light fixtures you plan on installing. A general measurement to go off is the foyer width and height, which help to determine how wide your fixture can be.

Light fixtures can immediately transform your entryway from drab to fab. Whether your go with a dazzling crystal chandelier or a couple of cozy wall scones, your guests will feel relaxed and ready to unwind.

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Written by Logan Voss

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