How Sight-Reading Can Benefit Your Musical Study

Did you know that very few instructors will teach sight-reading to their students? The main reason is that it is quite a challenging skill to learn and teach. However, the benefits of sight-reading are enormous for one’s musical study and can help one excel faster.

Becoming a Better Instructor

Any instructor who includes sight-reading in their lesson plan automatically becomes a better teacher. Sight-reading provides students with the building blocks they need to progress in their musical study for years to come. If you are wondering how you can help your students learn to sight-read music, there are many fun ways to go about it. For example, you could make a challenge of the week wherein you encourage students to beat the sight-reading challenge scores of others you instruct.

Improving Confidence

No one likes to feel completely lost when engaging in a hobby they wish to excel at. That feeling is quite common for those studying music who cannot sight-read, as every piece will look foreign without this essential skill. When you learn how to sight-read, your confidence instantly increases, as you are better able to absorb complicated sheet music at any level.

Gaining New Skills

Sight-reading is an incredible skill that benefits your musical study and can provide you with new skills. For example, many who study sight-reading also develop better melodic and rhythmic accuracy. Some can sing a pitch simply by looking at a sheet of music. It may seem like a skill only the best have, but it is possible for any student to know what a piece of music will sound like before you even play it.

Deeper Satisfaction With Music

Without the ability to sight-read, many players must learn each new note as it appears on their sheet music. Learning music in this way can be quite time-consuming and may diminish one’s passion. When you know how to sight-read, you gain a deeper satisfaction with music that will continue to propel you forward in your musical studies.

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Written by Logan Voss

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