Key Questions To Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Hiring

The top of your home takes lots of abuse. Rain, sun, wind, and time wear on your roof. You need to contact a professional if you notice signs like brown spots on your ceiling or wavy, cracked, curled roof shingles. Since so many roofing companies exist, knowing how to choose the best one to do the job at the fairest cost requires researching to gain a list of potential contractors to interview. Know the key questions to ask a roofing contractor before hiring to make a choice you won’t regret.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

All companies start sometime, and you want to choose a contractor with a reliable length of time in the industry. The benefits of a professional roofing contractor often increase with the number of years in business. See if the contractor is active in your local community, and check with the Better Business Bureau for ratings and complaints.

Can I See Proof of Licensing and Insurance?

You want to know your local and state licensing requirements for roofing contractors and choose a professional with the proper paperwork and insurance. Ensure that the professional you hire requests all appropriate permits for the job. Before signing a contract, ask for physical proof of licenses, insurance, and permits.

How Long Will the Project Take?

You want your roofing problem solved quickly, so you want to know the other projects the contractor might be juggling. Ask the professional for a specific start and finish date to determine the job’s priority with the contractor. Depending on the season, the project start time might be later than if you choose a time when the contractor might be less busy.

Do You Complete Your Own Work?

You want to know if the business owner completes the work with a team of their own employees or if they rely on a subcontractor to do the job. If they use a team, ask about the training and experience of the team members. You want the confidence to know that only the shoes of trained professionals walk on top of your roof.

Can You Provide a List of Previous Customers?

Reliable roofing professionals should gladly supply a list of previous customers. You want to drive past the customers’ homes and, if possible, speak with them about their satisfaction with the contractor and the completed job. Ask the previous customers their thoughts on the project process, the time it took to complete the job, and their confidence in the contractor.

These key questions to ask a roofing contractor before hiring take time and effort. If you feel tempted to skip the research, you should remember the information you gain from asking questions like these helps you confidently make the best decision for your roofing needs.

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Written by Logan Voss

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