Different Types of Windows for All Your Needs

Natural lighting in your home can be an important selling point for people looking to resell their home or for those who want to renovate their windows to enjoy better views. Windows are more important than we think, so finding the right one for you can be tough. Luckily, you have some help. Check out our shortlist of the different types of windows for your needs to get you started.

Double or Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are the most common and affordable type of windows and are often seen in traditional homes. These windows offer great ventilation and they’re easier to clean and replace than other window styles, since they work with gravity and not against it. Double hung windows cost slightly more to install per window, but they are still the most cost-effective option.

Picture Windows

This is a tricky one, but picture windows are quite aesthetically pleasing, especially if you enjoy looking at natural landscapes or inspiring urban areas. Picture windows are locked firmly in place, so, though you can enhance your views, there will be no airflow. However, upkeep is a breeze and the seal will always be sturdy against rain and wind.

Casement Windows

These are known as crank windows because of the mechanism used to open them. They typically swing outward on a hinge, making them easy to open and close. The seal around the window is weathertight, making them sturdy against rain and wind. The screens that fit within the window offer great ventilation and can be helpful when trying to clean them. They usually cost around $300-$750 to install. You can get them in wood or vinyl which has its own number of differences.

In short, there are many types of windows available to suit your needs. Though this isn’t an extensive list, it should help get you started.

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Written by Logan Voss

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