The Different Products a CNC Machine Can Make

The use of CNC machines used to be limited to industrial products and demands. But now, there are many everyday objects that a CNC machine can assist, produce, or enhance. In this article, we give you a closer look at the different products a CNC machine can make that could be sitting with you right now.

Keyholders and Keyrings

It’s relatively easy to say that everyone uses or needs a keyholder or keyring. With the use of a CNC machine, the ability to customize these objects just got even better. Now, you can create keyholders or keyrings that incorporate unique design elements like bottle openers, wooden fasteners, or enhanced metal features.

Jewelry and Accessories

One of the benefits of a CNC machine is its ability to produce products in a timely fashion. So jewelry and accessory designers are turning to CNC machines to craft unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from various materials. With a mix of wood and metals, CNC machines can produce brooches, cufflinks, bracelets, and much more.

A Guitar’s Body

Musicians of every skill level are always seeking visually creative and impeccable designs that speak to their music style and personality. With CNC machining, the customization options for guitar bodies are a musician’s dream come true. You can get as creative as you want to highlight unique design features and have a true-to-you experience with a guitar.

Cell Phone Cases

With the rising popularity of cell phone cases as an integral part of accessorizing, creating custom phone cases is a highly demanded and lucrative industry. CNC machines can help make this possible by using a computerized CAD system to design, draft, and curate tailored cases. Additionally, CNC machines can help create custom wooden cases compared to the traditional plastic cases many already use.

Interior Decorations

One of the more surprising CNC machine products available is interior decorations. The limit does not exist for decorative pieces as the imagination can run wild. Every season, every family and every corner of the home can have a custom, one-of-a-kind decoration crafted from a CNC machine. Everything from lampshades to coasters and photo frames is achievable with CNC machining.

The unique features of a CNC machine include a custom-fit ball screw, and this creates a highly accurate and smooth operation. Without this, the different products available would revert to industry-specific demands and products. Thanks to the technological advancements taking place with CNC machining, consumers can now request and create almost anything they wish.

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Written by Logan Voss

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