The Different Things You Can Make With Leather

As a leather maker, you may find yourself stuck on what to make next. Take a break and read over this list of the different things you can make with leather. You’ll be able to find something you want to design next here.


Whether making it for yourself or as a gift, a leather wallet’s a great project to work on. Making one not only keeps you busy but is also a fun process that results in a beautiful piece at the end of production. The wallet, depending on the size, is relatively easy for beginners.

Regarding supplies, measure out your leather, grab scissors, and get leather sewing tools. Make sure the devices you use all work on leather; normal sewing needles can be ineffective and unable to prick a good enough hole to sew the leather through.


Need to kick your feet up while working on other leather projects? Create an ottoman for yourself! You can make an ottoman with a zipper, stuffing, and fabric leather. The ottoman’s a great fit for a rustic home décor style.


A purse is another great option. Whether you’re on the go, need an overnight bag, or want something for decoration, a personally made leather bag is the perfect touch for just about everyone. It can be fun to use buffalo or cowhides to create bags.

Grab your leather fabric, a measuring mat, sewing tools or a sewing machine, some leather glue, and a cute charm to place on the side. Once it’s complete, you can think about how complement the bag with your outfits as well. For instance, a scarf can make a leather bag stand out.


Leather coasters are the cutest things ever and are the easiest craft to make on this list! Simply grab pieces of leather, cut out circles, and place a firm object between the leather before sewing so that it’s stiff.

Create leather coasters as presents or for use during parties. Guests will get a kick out of how creative you are when they see your homemade coasters.

Yoga Mat Holder

Do you do yoga? Do you need a mat holder? If so, create your own instead of buying one. Homemade always has the best quality! Grab leather straps, wrap them around your rolled-up mat to measure, and start stitching! Make sure to use a thick waxy thread, as the mat can weigh down the straps.

Leather projects are so much fun and make the best gifts. Find your next project within this list of the different things you can make with leather today. You’re going to have so much fun that you’ll never want to stop making leather crafts.

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Written by Logan Voss

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