Steps To Take When Someone Has Been Electrocuted

This world has many forms of technology that rely on electricity to function so we can carry out our daily tasks. Occasionally, this use of electricity may prove dangerous or fatal if we experience an electrical shock. When this incident occurs, there is a specific process we need to take to ensure the person lives and recovers.

Call 911

You should always call 911 in the case of an emergency. If someone has been electrocuted, they will need medical attention, as they may experience damage to their brain or other body parts. Even if the person is conscious and breathing, they still need an inspection to ensure there isn’t any permanent damage to the body.

Inspect the Area for Potential Danger

If you suspect someone has experienced electrocution, they’ll need your help immediately. However, you must check the area where they were electrocuted to ensure it is safe to approach. If they ran the risk of using a damaged computer cable and the cable caused the electrocution and is still live, that cable is still a risk to you, especially if the area around it is wet. If you can’t reach the person without running the risk of electrocution, wait for emergency personnel to arrive. If the area seems safe, approach with caution.

Disconnect the Power Source

The power source is the electricity supplier, such as an outlet or battery pack. If it is safe to do so, disconnect or turn off the power source to prevent further electrical shock. The safer area will make assisting the person easier for you and the paramedics.

Check for Consciousness

Although you would think it is easy to determine if a person is conscious, different forms of consciousness exist, from being able to speak coherently to only being able to move their eyes. Call the person’s name multiple times loudly. How they respond will tell you their level of consciousness and if they understand you. If you notice that the person is unconscious, check their pulse and breathing to see if CPR is necessary. If they are conscious, ask them questions to see if they are disoriented from the electrocution.

Treat Any Electrical Burns

When someone receives an electrical shock, they will have a burn mark on their skin known as an electrical burn. If the person is conscious, you’ll need to get them away from other areas where electrocution is possible and run cold water over the points where the electricity contacted the body.

Electrocution is a scary experience for the person electrocuted and the people around them. It’s important to take action immediately and have the best discretion to ensure that person is alright after the incident.

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Written by Logan Voss

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