3 Reasons Why HVAC Systems Need Expansion Joints

When considering significant equipment in residential properties, the HVAC system sits at the top of the priority list. Keeping you cool during the scorching summer and warm during the frigid winter, your HVAC operates year-round, experiencing many temperature shifts.

It can withstand those drastic temperature changes when supplying air. There are devices and apparatuses within your HVAC system that support its performance. Expansion joints are small but valuable components inside the unit that play significant roles in HVAC operation.

Here are three reasons why HVAC systems need expansion joints.

Reduces Noise

When an HVAC system can’t effectively reduce the noise in your home, the HVAC system can prevent you from relaxing. This is worse when your HVAC system is central to your home or common areas, as in most single-family homes.

Suppose your HVAC system for your business or industrial center lacks expansion joints for noise reduction. In that case, this can affect the overall customer experience or reduce the ability of your staff to communicate effectively. Production lines are dangerous enough. Adding the noise reduction of expansion joints can effectively help reduce accidents in the workplace.

Absorbs Vibration

Your HVAC system can experience some stress due to vibrations. Pumps within the unit can cause vibrations or stress that impact rotating pieces of equipment or seals.

Expansion joints can withstand these movements without impacting the entire system, allowing for more longevity from your equipment.

Accommodates Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Metal pipes or tubes within an HVAC system expand when introduced to heat and contract when cold. Expansion joints allow for some degree of expansion when this happens, letting the system take that stress comfortably without damaging the entire system over time.

While temperature affects expansion joints in different ways, these devices can absorb the stress, alleviating the pressure and increasing the longevity of your equipment. Without a stress-bearing component, rotating pieces of equipment or seals can fail at some point.

These are reasons why your HVAC system needs expansion joints. Their noise and vibration-reducing capabilities make them essential components in units of all sizes.

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Written by Logan Voss

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