Most Common Complications During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are different processes that a fetus needs to go through; this is to ensure that every step gets the attention it needs. Sometimes, issues can arise due to different factors, like genetics, the baby’s position, age, or unexpected situations. It is important to learn about the most common complications during pregnancy and why they happen.

Pregnancy Loss

When you first become pregnant, there is a period of time where the fetus is still forming and evolving; this is in the first 20 weeks. During this time, it is essential to keep close track of the fetus’ development. Unfortunately, the pregnancy could end for natural reasons like problems with the immune system, infections, or hormone problems.

High Blood Pressure

Your body needs to adapt when another human is starting to grow in an already tight space. High blood pressure happens when the arteries that carry blood around the body press against other parts of the body due to organs moving to accommodate the expanding uterus. The lack of blood and oxygen could damage the fetus and put you at risk.

Prolonged Labor

This issue happens when the baby is ready to be born, but some factor makes it difficult to deliver. There are various reasons why a doctor may artificially break your water; one of them is to induce labor. Prolonged labor is dangerous because it may obstruct the baby’s oxygen intake, potentially resulting in brain damage for the baby and hours of physical pain, increased risk of blood loss, and extended issues for you.

Depression and Anxiety

Sometimes an imbalance in hormones appears with pregnancy that could affect your brain, resulting in depression and anxiety. Postpartum depression, for example, could include mood swings, unexpected crying, anxiety, and insomnia. This could happen due to genetics in the family, your body changing after having the baby, a stressful pregnancy, or marital problems. Like other complications on this list, mental health struggles are not a parent’s fault and require the same level of medical care and self-kindness.

Excessive Bleeding

Many things happen inside a human body during pregnancy—another common complication during pregnancy is excessive bleeding that could risk your life. It is dangerous and a sign of complications when the bleedings are constant and abundant. This might happen due to infections, problems with the placenta, tearing of the uterus, or a miscarriage.

Having your doctor check every step of the pregnancy process is essential to detect and repair any possible issues on time. Pregnancy is natural, and a body can transform itself in unimaginable ways to reproduce, but sometimes even nature has flaws.

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Written by Logan Voss

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