Outdoor Wedding Disasters and How To Avoid Them

Outdoor weddings in the summer are the perfect venues. You showcase your love and capture all that gorgeous natural lighting for photos. Still, with the elements of nature, things can go wrong.

Outdoor weddings mean you need to accommodate for the things an indoor wedding would have provided. With all these accommodations you need to account for, things can go wrong. You’ll want to avoid any outdoor wedding disasters on your special day.

Bad Weather

An indoor wedding automatically provides shelter. Things like rain become a non-issue because there is a roof over everyone’s head. Since the weather is unpredictable, hiring a tent company is a no-brainer.

Wedding tents can look classy and elegant to match your theme. It won’t be like pitching a tent when you go camping. They come sturdy so that you won’t have to worry about them blowing away or rain affecting them. Partner with a company that will work to make your vision come true.

Uninvited Guests

No one likes uninvited guests, and bugs are never welcomed to the party. Bugs and the outdoors go hand in hand. They will be around, but they do not need to infest your wedding. There are plenty of ways to keep the bugs away that don’t include bug spray.

Instead of placing a can of Off! at everyone’s table, you can place citronella candles and oils at the tables to ward off pests. These candles make for better decoration and keep the classy theme going on your wedding day. Make sure the food stays covered. Consider having glass covers instead of aluminum foil for easy replacement.

Faulty Plumbing

Your guests will need a facility where they can use the restroom, and instead of placing porta-potties around the premises, you can purchase some luxury trailers for your event. Luxury trailers come equipped with many amenities, like fresh water, flushable toilets, a trash can, and a full mirror.

With all the amenities, it’s important to remember trailers operate differently from porta potties. Remind your guests to handle the trailers with care so there are no plumbing issues. Abusing the septic tanks can create a huge disaster.

Too Breezy

The previously mentioned tent offers only so much protection. The wind has a way of creeping in and making a mess of things. If you want to avoid blown-away napkins, name cards, and other flighty place settings, consider using some decorative placeholders.

You can use napkin holders or brass rings for the dinnerware to keep them on the table. Instead of picking up and replacing blown-away place cards, set up a seating chart board at the entrance of your reception. Everyone can see their table number in advance.

You want your outdoor wedding to be a special event because it’s your special day. Avoid any potential disasters and enjoy celebrating the love between you and your partner with all your friends and family.

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Written by Logan Voss

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