Common Brow Mistakes New Brow Artists Make

It’s important for brow artists to recognize their mistakes or avoid them altogether through proper education. The brows are an important part of someone’s appearance, and doing them incorrectly can cause lots of harm to your client’s look. If you’re a new brow artist and want to learn how to avoid these common brow mistakes, continue reading.

Failing To Prep the Client Properly

Prepping the client for brow tinting and other services is essential. Prepping refers to several steps the provider must take to ensure that the client is ready to receive services. These steps should occur prior to service and should be a time for gathering concerns, offering advice, testing allergies, and getting the client ready for the best results.

Failure to prep the client may result in miscommunication, poor results, and overall dissatisfaction. Take care to schedule a consultation to handle all prep procedures.

Not Accounting for Different Brow Structures and Genetics

You’ll encounter many facial structures, brow shapes, and hair types. Some clients may have a higher arch than others, more hair, and different brow placements. It’s your job to navigate these different clients to offer them the best shape and fill for their brows. If you follow a strict blueprint and apply it for grooming, microblading, or tinting on all your clients, it may not look flattering on each person.

It’s essential to consider the client’s specific needs to create a custom look that will flatter them and properly frame their face.

Mapping the Brow Incorrectly

Mapping the brow correctly is critical to a successful brow service. This is especially true for brow tinting, microblading, or shaping. Utilize the proper stenciling, map the natural points of the brow, and consider the client’s unique shape to create a flattering result. Incorrect mapping may result in an unsatisfied client and poorly executed brows.

It’s essential for a brow artist to stay detailed throughout the process. From client consultations to mapping and executing, each step matters for successful results. Be sure to consider these common mistakes so that you can avoid them in your journey as a new brow artist.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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