Alternatives to Wood You Can Use for Your Next Project

If you’ve never used anything other than lumber for your projects, the thought of using a wood alternative might worry you. This makes sense, as trusting the strength and longevity of a material you haven’t worked with before can be difficult. However, many alternatives are just as durable as lumber, if not more so. Keep reading for the alternatives to wood you can use for your next construction project.


Imagining hemp as a viable wood alternative can be hard, but it’s actually a great option. One of the main reasons why hemp is so useful is because it grows quickly, taking only six months to harvest. When we compare that to the 60 years wood takes to become lumber, we can better understand the sustainable effects of using hemp. What’s more, many manufacturers have found that hemp is great in medium-density fiberboard, proving more durable than wood.


Bamboo is another sustainable wood alternative you can use for your next project, as it takes only around 3 years to grow fully. The best thing about bamboo is that continues to grow after being cut, so manufacturers can keep using the same plants to make their materials. Building materials made of bamboo are incredibly durable and will stand the test of time.


Plastic lumber is already an incredibly popular alternative to wood that many construction companies use. Contractors will usually use plastic lumber to build furniture, as it’s highly resistant to extreme weather changes, rot, and pests. Its high resistance to aspects that usually degrade wood is one of the main reasons why many people switch to plastic lumber.

However, keep in mind that plastic lumber is not wholly a sustainable option, as some products do not use recycled plastic. If you’re eco-conscious and wish to use plastic lumber for your next project, make sure to choose a manufacturer that uses recycled plastic to make its product.

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Written by Logan Voss

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