Things To Know Before Taking Your E-Bike on Vacation

Packing the bikes up for a vacation is part of the fun of planning where you will go and what you will do. But when you have an electric bike, there are a few extra things to consider regarding bike safety, usage, and traveling. Here are a few things you should know before you head off on vacation with your e-bike.

Understand Basic Road Rules for Your Destination

Spend some time learning the road rules for your vacation destination. This is important because it will help you learn bike lanes and routes to keep yourself safe and highlight any areas you may not be able to ride. Because e-bikes have motors, understanding the rules of the road before you go can help you maintain safety while commuting anywhere.

Ensure You Have a Secure Travel System

How you pack and travel with your electric bike is a crucial step in arriving safe and sound. If the bike rack is not compatible with the weight of your bike, you risk severe damage or accidents along the way. Ensure your travel system can withstand your bike’s physical structure and weight capacity, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidance on fastening the bike.

Skip Air Travel

You might think you can check the bike at TSA and board the plane accordingly. But electric bike batteries are on the non-permissible list and will never make it through security. If your destination requires air travel, consider an alternative method of travel for your e-bike. Otherwise, using your personal vehicle or a rental to travel is more feasible.

Focus on Your Bike’s Safety

You should consider the investment of the e-bike and pay special attention to its safety. Do not travel without a locking feature, and try to avoid leaving the bike parked in any unsafe locations. If you can maintain the safety of your bike, you can protect the investment, ensure it’s safe on the road, and avoid any accidents.

Don’t Forget About the Battery

The battery is a separate entity from your e-bike and plays a significant role in how it functions. With that in mind, don’t forget basic care practices. Detach the battery for all traveling commutes while in the travel system and ensure you follow charging procedures per your bike manufacturer’s requirements.

When it comes to things you need to know before a vacation with your e-bike, it may feel like a chore getting it there in one piece. But think about the memories you can make while away and how fun it will be to ride along the beach, up a mountain, or in new areas. The memories are worth it!

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Written by Logan Voss

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