5 Facts About HVAC Units That Will Blow You Away

It’s true; most people don’t enjoy learning about heating, cooling, and ventilation. You change your filter periodically, so you’ve done your due diligence! However, there are five facts about HVAC units that will blow you away (pun intended).

To learn more about the exciting details, continue reading below.

#1: The First Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Came To Be in 1902

While air cooling systems and methods have a history dating back to 180 AD, the first commercial air conditioning unit didn’t make its grand appearance until 1902. Willis Carrier is responsible for the invention of the unit you know today, all thanks to an experience at a train station.

The engineer was standing on a platform when he realized he could create fog and dry air by passing it through the water. This would allow him to regulate humidity levels, resulting in an effective solution for a publishing company his employer was working with at the time.

#2: Closing Air Vents Does More Harm Than Good

If you own an HVAC unit, you may always be open to new ways that help you save on utilities. You may consider closing the air vents or registers in unused spaces in hopes of preventing more air from circulation, thinking that the more air produced, the higher the energy bill toward the end of the cycle.

Unfortunately, closing these vents does not reduce the amount of electricity used or assist in savings. Instead, closing registers can cause problems within your HVAC unit due to the excess pressure on its compressor.

#3: There Was a Meaning Behind the Term “Summer Break”

Before HVAC units, teachers believed the summertime had a negative effect on young learners. The high temperatures would make children uncomfortable, causing irritability and increased risk of distraction.

To combat the affected learning, teachers encouraged students to take a break from school during those warmer months and come back during the start of the fall, hence why “summer breaks” exist today.

#4: Your Heat Tolerance Depends on Your AC Unit

If you’re used to living in an air-conditioned environment, there’s the likelihood that your heat tolerance is lower than someone accustomed to hotter climates.

Studies show that extensive exposure to air conditioning and cooler air can reduce the body’s natural capacity to tolerate an afternoon of warm weather.

#5: Modern Air Conditioning Is a Life Saver

Since the days of Willis Carrier, air conditioning units have seen various modernizations. With these developments, HVAC units now allow for advances in medical technology, longer life expectancy, and employee productivity.

Modern HVAC units can also reduce the spread of air pollutants in a home, resulting in serious illnesses.

It isn’t so dull after all, is it? These five HVAC unit facts may be fantastic conversation starters to use the next time you have a technician on your property and you want to avoid boredom.

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Written by Logan Voss

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