4 Tips To Minimize Damage From Hurricanes

Humidity hangs in the air, and waves crash along the coasts, creating flooded areas and damaging homes with high winds and flying debris. Many homes suffer detrimental effects during hurricane season, leaving homeowners attempting to fix what they can and hoping insurance companies would cover any losses. By coming together, communities can minimize damage from hurricanes. Here are four tips to get you started.

Remove All Outside Furniture and Decorations

You may have heard of securing your loose objects tightly onto the sides of your home, but that’s temporary. In many circumstances, your exterior’s likely to receive more damage than the interior, especially if you have weak windows.

While you may secure your outdoor furniture, the best way to ensure there are no damaged items is to place them in a storage unit, the basement, or the garage. Keeping them on lower levels of the house prevents them from descending from higher levels if a home’s roof and upper levels get harmed.

Find Protection Against Floods

Floods are an inescapable travesty that occurs when hurricanes hit. Before buying sandbags, measure the shoreline up to your house. The accumulated measurements determine what and how much you need protection-wise.

Many who live on top of hills also suffer from floods. Heavy rains create landslides if homes face out on a mountain or hilltop, and if there’s enough mud around the house, parts of it could slide off. When facing this possibility, you must bring in a professional to find preventable solutions.

Update Your Windows and Doors

Having sound entryways and panes enhances the home’s protection. The likelihood of damage to your interior without updated windows and doors grows significantly. For the best avoidance possible, work with a replacement door and window servicer who lets you customize each item to your liking.

The windows are imperative to safeguarding the house. When customizing windows, you’ll find suitable glass that works better. Hurricane glass is a preferred glass type that prevents damage, which is one thing gained during the hurricane glass creation process.

Stock Up on Supplies

While preparing the home for hurricane season, the other thing to do is stock up on essentials. All items, from sanitary products to canned goods, should be stocked and stored in a dry location, so they’re ready for use in case you find yourself stuck in the middle of a hurricane.

Once the storm’s over, you’ll need extra food to get by until it’s safe to venture out to stores and restock your goods. During this time, you’ll want to supply spare items in case neighbors and others nearby run out of resources.

Anything could happen if a family’s unprepared for hurricane season. To limit the chance of excessive hurricane damage, follow these tips to minimize chances. That way, your home stays protected, and there’s no risk of substantial harm. For more insight, contact your town hall to learn more about protecting the house during hurricane season.

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Written by Logan Voss

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