Ways To Increase Your Power Swing for Slow-Pitch Softball

Transitioning from the baseball diamond to a softball field has its growing pains. Many aspects are different in the game, including how to best swing the bat. Learning the best ways to increase your power swing for slow-pitch softball helps you understand the fundamentals of knocking any pitch out of the park.

Find a Power Stance

Your posture should always be level when you stand in the box. To accomplish this, you should concentrate on your knees and hips. Slightly bend your knees as you keep your back upright, and try to balance your weight equally between the balls of your feet.

While in your power stance, make sure you are parallel with home plate, or else your swing might suffer. Before you know it, this stance will feel natural, and muscle memory will kick in, so you will never have to check these things again.

Get Low

In baseball, many players like to keep their hands up because it gives you a better chance of making contact. However, you don’t have to worry about fouling off a tough pitch to stay alive in slow-pitch softball, allowing you to lower your shoulders, elbows, and hands.

Your front arm should look like a right angle, allowing you to get the extra oomph behind your swing. Effectively mastering this step will have you turning those slap singles into prodigious bombs in no time.

A Stride for Launching

The most crucial aspect of your power stroke is timing your stride perfectly. Your stride generates momentum, preparing your body to go into launch mode. As the pitcher is about to toss the ball, turn your shoulder and cock the hips, lowering your shoulder.

You will turn your shoulders and hips through natural motion, putting your hands in the correct position to attack. With all your weight on your back foot, you can stride toward the ball and give it all you got. Once you make solid contact, you can bat flip and be on your merry way around the bases.

Find the Right Bat

Learning the mechanics behind the swing is more than half the battle. The other part of the equation is finding the right tool to give you an edge. Finding the perfect softball bat may take some research and practice, but it will pay dividends when you develop your light tower power.

Unfortunately, everyone has different preferences, making it impossible for us to say precisely which bat you should choose. Nevertheless, you know what works best for your game, so go with what feels right.

These tips will increase your power swing for your next slow-pitch softball game. Be known as the player who can always get on base. Your team will thank you.

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Written by Logan Voss

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