The Importance of a Quality Mattress for Your Sleep Cycle

The quality of your mattress can determine much about your life. A poor mattress could cause back pain, contribute to sleepless nights, and even spark your snoring. It’s time we discuss the importance of a good mattress for your needs. 

Why Is It Important?

Let’s cut to the chase. Sleep is essential to our productivity and even our survival. It won’t just leave you refreshed and alert; sleep is so important that it helps the body stave off disease. The immune system noticeably weakens when you don’t get sleep. If you skimp out on it for too long, you’ll walk around in brain fog. The best way to improve your sleep schedule is to get the right mattress. It makes all the difference. So, what can the right mattress do for you? Read on to find out. As you can see, the quality of your mattress can greatly affect your sleep cycle, so it pays to choose wisely.

What Can the Right Mattress Do for You?

The most obvious answer is that it’ll help the quality of your sleep. There will be little tossing and turning or disturbed sleep patterns with the right mattress. Spinal alignment is another benefit. A bed that sufficiently supports your back is a bed that protects against back pain, which can be debilitating long-term. A mattress that’s not too hard or soft will help keep your spine in tip-top shape. It also helps with snoring. Snoring occurs when your airways are partially obstructed during sleep. It can be caused by sleeping on your back, but your mattress could also be the culprit if it doesn’t support your weight correctly.

Which Do You Choose?

 There are many options when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you. Namely:

  • Innerspring mattresses are the oldest type of mattress on this list. It’s also the most popular and widespread. We think it’s safe to say that innerspring mattresses are here to stay. They’re available in a range of prices and comfort options, providing a firm feel that will last you for years to come.
  • Air mattresses are more affordable overall. However, there’s a stigma attached to them that they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing for most people. That said, they can be firm and hold weight effectively. Just be careful that you don’t puncture it!
  • Memory foam contours perfectly to your body. It feels soft while still offering you the support you need. They also have increased motion separation and provide pressure relief. They’re perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences, but they can be too warm for sleepers who prefer cool evenings.
  • Hybrid mattresses combine the best of the innerspring mattresses and the benefits of memory foam mattresses. It’s excellent for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

In short, the mattress is the most important choice for you to make regarding your sleep cycles. As long as you figure out what’s right for you, your sleep cycles will be back on track in no time.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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