Top Luxury Apartment Amenities That Residents Want

Landlords can make their buildings more appealing to residents by adding high-end amenities. And to break down what residents want, check out this list of top luxury apartment amenities. These are awesome suggestions that you don’t want to miss.

Rooftop Deck

A huge perk for residents is a rooftop deck, especially for apartments in cities or scenic towns. The gorgeous view paired with the event space lets residents enjoy their building even more! In order to enhance the deck, landlords can provide lounge chairs, tables, outdoor lighting, and other deck additions.

Game Room or Lounge

A game room or lounge is another luxury apartment amenity that residents want because it encourages socializing. Residents can play games, watch movies, or host events in the room. Game rooms and lounges give people the opportunity to relax outside their apartment and connect with their neighbors. Some great additions for the room include:

  • Pool table
  • Sectional couches
  • Arcade games
  • Flat-screen TV

Long-Term Bike Parking

Biking is a popular commute option. And when residents want to store their bikes away, keeping them in a safe space is important. Of course, people can keep the bikes inside their apartment, but alternative storage space is ideal. Landlords can accommodate cyclists by offering parking with standards. For instance, a large room with a secured entrance is one guideline for providing long-term bike parking in apartment buildings.

Fitness Center

The features of fitness centers or exercise rooms evolved in apartment complexes. Years ago, landlords could install a treadmill, random elliptical, and a weight rack, then call a room a fitness center. Today, that’s not the case. Due to the prioritization of healthy living, people want exercise spaces that reflect their lifestyles. Yoga studios, ellipticals, and various exercise tools are necessary to turn a room into a fitness oasis.

In-Building Retailers

People love convenience. And apartments with in-building retailers greatly impact the residents. Coffee shops, grocery stores, and pharmacies allow people to purchase things without leaving their buildings. Imagine cooking and running out of an ingredient. Instead of driving to the grocery store, a resident can walk downstairs and buy the item in less than 10 minutes.

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Written by Logan Voss

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