How To Care for Your Dog While Traveling

If you plan on traveling this summer, you may be wondering what to do with your dog. Do you leave them with a friend? What about bringing them with you? There are many options when it comes to caring for your dog while traveling.

Option 1: Bring Your Dog With You

While not every dog travels well, there are several things you can do to make the trip as easy as possible for your pooch. Ensure they get enough air circulation if you’re driving in hot weather. If it’s a long drive, take breaks so you and your dog can stretch your legs. If you’re flying, be sure to check the regulations for both the airport you’ll be visiting and the airline.

Option 2: Family and Friends

It’s always a good feeling to leave your family pet in the care of someone you know and trust. Plus, many of your friends and family will probably agree to watch your pet for free. As a bonus, your dog will feel more relaxed around people they already know.

Option 3: Using a Dog Sitter

Sometimes schedule conflicts prevent friends and family from being available during your trip. If that’s the case, try looking for a sitter in these places:

  • Professional pet sitting services
  • Hourly caregiver clearinghouse sites
  • Pet sitting exchanges
  • Local coffee shop notice board
  • Ask your veterinarian

Option 4: Professional Boarding Services

Boarding might not be your favorite way to care for your dog while traveling, but did you know that some doggie daycares also offer professional dog boarding services? With a professional service, your dog will get plenty of playtime, expert care, and attention from people who love dogs.

Option 5: Boarding at the Vet

Most veterinarians also provide boarding services, though they don’t necessarily offer the outdoor playtime experience that doggie daycares do. However, this could be the better option if your beloved pet has medical needs that require a vet’s special attention.

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Written by Logan Voss

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