5 Relaxing Activities for Older Adults and Seniors

The aging process is stressful and fills some people with anxiety about the obstacles they may encounter in their future. But there are ways to counteract this anxious feeling and help older adults feel more at peace with their lives. Certain activities are great for helping older adults relax, and many of them aren’t very complicated or require a lot of work.

Some seniors spend a lot of time worrying about personal issues, such as finances, illnesses, living wills, health care proxies, etc. Too much time spent worrying can lead to major anxiety and depression. This is when you may start to consider memory care services. Seniors need activities outside their homes to provide them with time to self-reflect. Why is self-reflection so important for the elderly age group? Self-reflection allows older adults to look at their actions, emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a neutral manner.


Mediation is a great way to relax your mind and body. Staying stationary while breathing deeply and loosening up their bodies will help seniors feel at ease. This activity requires minimal effort and offers many mental health benefits.

Performing meditation for extended periods will help seniors locate the source of their stress and give them a clearer head to think of ways to deal with it. Regular meditation makes a great activity that will help seniors relax their bodies, adjust to a new feeling of relaxation, and help prevent tenseness in the muscles.


Reading books or newspapers is a great way to refocus the mind and step away from any anxiety you may be feeling. The options for reading material are endless, and older adults who have lived long lives will have some idea of books they like to read. Sitting around and reading an exciting book will entertain seniors and keep their minds calm.


Spending time outside will help seniors improve their mental health by immersing them in the relaxing sights of green and natural things. Gardening is beneficial for seniors as a relaxing activity and hobby. Whether growing vegetables or flowers, it takes time and attention to keep plants alive and thriving.

Taking care of a living thing will take the mind off other stressors and anxiety. Watching the garden come to life helps brings satisfaction and joy to the seniors who grew the plants.


Yoga helps us relieve stress and tension in our bodies. Older adults will find this activity relaxing as they stretch and breathe through the movements. Yoga is a low-intensity exercise that won’t cause older adults much strain.

There are many yoga classes that offer classes specifically for seniors. Following these guided exercises while surrounded by fellow classmates will allow seniors to release tension and develop new ways to keep their bodies limber. Physical activity is a great way to boost serotonin in the brain, which will reduce the amount of anxiety an individual feels. Since yoga is relaxing, it will have a doubled effect on older adults.


The creative activity of making art is an excellent stress reliever. Creativity is a constructive conduit for feeling less stress and reframing the mind using artistic means. Seniors will enjoy activities such as painting, drawing, or macramé.

Anxiety and stress are a hassle to deal with, and we need to manage them if we want to live life to its fullest. Seniors and older adults may use these activities to find a source of relaxation in their daily lives.

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Written by Logan Voss

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