Reasons To Install an Off-Grid Solar System in Your Cabin

Whether you live in your cabin full time or stay occasionally, you have a personal getaway where you can relax and reset. Your cabin’s remote location makes it the perfect retreat from the noise of modern living.

But that remoteness comes at the expense of convenience. If you need power solutions, see if solar power is for you. Consider these reasons to install an off-grid solar system in your cabin.

1. Connecting to the Grid Is Expensive

Depending on your cabin’s location, connecting to the local power grid might be cost prohibitive. The following factors affect this price:

  • Your property’s distance from the nearest transmission line
  • The price that the utility company charges for line extensions
  • Whether you need cables placed underground

It’s time to look at alternative power sources if the local utility company’s price estimation shocks you. Solar panels might be the right solution.

2. Your Cabin Gets Ample Sunshine

The second reason that you might want to install an off-grid solar system is that your cabin gets ample sunlight. Solar panels capture energy from the sun’s rays. Then, they convert that energy into usable electricity. So if your panels don’t receive much sunshine, you won’t get enough power from them.

But the total number of sunlight hours your property gets doesn’t matter as much as the number of peak sunlight hours. A peak sun hour is an hour of sunlight that offers 1,000 watts of energy per square meter. Your number of peak sun hours will help you decide if solar power is a good option in your case.

3. Sustainable Self-Reliance

When you use an off-grid system, you’re not dependent on the power company. You become more self-reliant. And if you’re interested in living a more energy-conscious lifestyle, off-grid power can support your goals. These are some major reasons to go solar today.

Going off-grid pushes you to reexamine your energy consumption and habits. When you pick your solar energy system, you must know your total electricity usage per day. And the amount of power you use at a given time (your instantaneous load requirement) also influences the setup you need.

An off-grid solar power system might be a great setup for you if connecting to the grid is too expensive, you receive lots of sunshine, and you want to live sustainably. If these describe you, consider using off-grid solar power for renewable energy at your cabin.

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Written by Logan Voss

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