A Step-by-Step Guide for Fire Restoration Services

A house fire can be devastating for you, your family, and your house itself. Fires of all sizes can wreak serious havoc on your possessions. In turn, this can take your time, money, and even memories such as photographs away. The problem starts with flames, but in the aftermath, soot, debris, and even the water to subdue flames can damage the house itself. If you’ve experienced a house fire, remember that better days are ahead, and there are plenty of resources to help get you back on your feet. However, you’ll have to go through a lot during this difficult change. Use this step-by-step guide for fire restoration services to bring clarity during a confusing time.

Fire Remediation Service

After the fire has been extinguished, contact your insurance company immediately. Next, let your landlord or mortgage lender know so that they can report a fire. The third person to contact is a fire remediation service. The quicker you call, the more you can salvage.

Determine the Structural Integrity

A fire can destroy the structure of the home. From floors and walls to roofs and supports, the home may be dangerous to even stand by. Do not attempt to step into the home until professionals have given you the OK. Assess the damage and make lists of what has been destroyed; this will benefit you and communication with the insurance company.

Remove Soot, Water, and Debris

Soot, smoke, and water cause damage even after the fire is extinguished. This is why many cleaning companies should offer restoration services—people in times of need may want soot and debris removed before cleaning anything else. A proper cleaning service will know the right equipment to use in times like these. This includes deodorization and creating an open door for rebuilding.

Let’s review a step-by-step guide for restoration services:

  • Call your insurance company immediately.
  • Get a copy of the fire report.
  • Contact a fire remediation service.
  • Maintain a record of all damaged items.
  • Work with your insurance company and the remediation team throughout the entire process.

Although a fire is a stressful event for the homeowner, fire remediation services can help owners work through the stress of the event. Enjoy watching peace wash over clients after your services enable them to move on from a stressful event. Do so by following this guide to restoration services.

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Written by Logan Voss

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