Best Clothing Options To Wear On an Oil Rig

Working on an oil rig is no easy job, and safety must come first. These are the best clothing options to wear on an oil rig. Outfit yourself with the latest safety gear to be prepared for any job.

Flame-Resistant Clothing

If you work on an oil rig, you know that flame-resistant (FR) clothes are vital for your work. FR clothing can self-extinguish so that it won’t burn, even with exposure to flame. This helps keep you safe from fire and burns, and FR clothing significantly reduces workplace deaths and injuries. To stay safe on the job, outfit yourself with a flame-resistant shirt. You should also wear flame-resistant pants and coveralls.

Fall-Protection Gear

You may be scaling great heights if you’re working on an oil rig. Climbing equipment can be dangerous, and many fall injuries can happen in the workplace, so you must have your fall-protection gear on you. Your fall-protection gear should include a body harness, an anchor, and a connector. Put your harness on before leaving the ground and use your connector to secure yourself to the nearest anchor point. Never climb to tall heights without the proper fall-protection equipment.

Safe Shoes

Working on an oil rig can mean using heavy, sharp, and dangerous equipment, so you can injure or crush your feet if you’re not careful. Always wear safety shoes like steel-toed boots on a jobsite.

Safety Glasses

An injury to the eyes is not worth the risk. Damaging your eyes can be a considerable risk, as working on an oil rig can mean being exposed to dirt, oil, sand, and debris. Protect your eyes with the right pair of protective safety glasses.

Hard Hats

Hard hats are one of the best clothing options to wear on an oil rig. A hard hat can keep you safe during falls or protect your head from falling debris or objects. Choose the right hard hat for the job and wear it at all times.

Safety Gloves

Protective gloves are another fantastic item for the oil rig. Unless you’re working on an odd job, your standard work gloves should be good enough to protect your hands. Get yourself the proper gloves for your job to help prevent yourself from unnecessary injury.

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Written by Logan Voss

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