Routine School Bus Maintenance During the Summer Downtime

Summer is a welcome season for all school bus drivers. They can finally breathe a sigh of relief and take some time to relax before the chaos starts over again in a few months. With the kids not hopping on any time soon, summer is the perfect time for routine school bus maintenance.

A Thorough Inspection

A full inspection to thoroughly examine the bus can alert you of any maintenance or safety concerns that need addressing. During these checks, technicians should search for any issues that might escalate into major problems during the upcoming school year.

Fleet operations may consider developing a checklist for personnel to complete as they investigate to verify that all safety problems and components have been examined and assessed for repairs.

Heavy Repairs

The summer months are ideal for performing extensive repairs on school buses. This may involve major mechanical repairs as well as bus body repairs. It’s challenging to shut a school bus down during the school year, making the summer the best time to finish the job. Investing in intensive maintenance throughout the summer should have the fleet running lean and mean come August.

Preventative Maintenance

While the summer is ideal for major repairs, you should still keep up with monthly preventive maintenance for buses still in operation for summer school. These school buses need attention regularly to maintain excellent functioning order. During the summer, it’s vital to check each bus’s coolant levels and battery status.

Deep Cleaning

Although school bus drivers disinfect the school bus every day, summer provides an opportunity for a deep clean of the vehicle. Daily cleanings are taxing, leaving many drivers too fatigued to go above and beyond during the school year. However, when you don’t need to worry about driving your route, you can focus all your energy on making the inside of the bus squeaky clean.

Additional Training

The dog days of summer are a suitable time for drivers to buff up on their training schedule, ensuring they are aware of the most current techniques and regulations before hitting the road come fall. It’s also a great time to practice your driving skills if you still have a few small things to work on.

Completing routine school bus maintenance during the summer downtime ensures you and your youngsters will get to school safely and securely. Furthermore, you will get more quality miles out of the bus, so you won’t have to purchase a new one any time soon.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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